Countdown To Doom

Start in the control room. TAKE EXPLOSIVE, N, LIGHT FUSE, DROP EXPLOSIVE, S, WAIT (hear a loud bang), N, PUSH DOOR (you can now leave the ship), NE (landing area), W (in jungle maze), N, NW, NW (east edge of river), TAKE GOGGLES, E, N, E (back at landing area), WEAR GOGGLES and follow the "safe" route (random) indicated as "looking different" for 4 moves - should now be on a floating island and see a can and a black hole. TAKE CAN, TAKE HOLE, N (transported back to the landing area), S, S (in desert), TAKE NET, SHOUT (you now hitch a ride on a sandworm to city square), TAKE GENERATOR, SE (open space - note pattern of dots on wall), NW, S (sewer entrance), THROW CAN, S (pit), TAKE DIAMOND, N, N, W, NW (west of wide river - see a vine), CLIMB VINE (now on east edge of river where you found the goggles), E, N, E (landing area), SW (cargo hold), DROP HOLE, DROP GENERATOR, DROP DIAMOND.

NE, E (burnt ground), CATCH BLOB (need net - the mother blob rewards you by sending you back in time, i.e. when things were newer and younger), N, SW (landing area), U (base of glacier), TAKE BOX, N, TAKE SUIT, W, W (west end of crevasse), TAKE SPICES, E, TAKE CRYSTALS (now back in cube and present time), N, SW, SW (cargo hold), DROP CRYSTALS, DROP NET, DROP BOX, DROP SPICES.

NE, WEAR SUIT. You should still be wearing the goggles so go in a direction so you sink to the bottom of the swamp - okay if wearing suit.

S, E, TAKE LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM, S, N, SE, TAKE MEDIKIT (you automatically treat your radiation sickness), U (now in a square cavern and see a large machine). Go in whichever way the machine says - think of the clock as a compass, e.g. 9=west. You should now be in a steep rocky hole. U (vent in volcano), U, SW, W, S, E (box canyon - note clue), W, N, NW (landing area), E, D (rocky hole - see a motor unit), PULL LEVER, U (motor unit on anti-grav platform is following you), SW, SE, W, N, SW (back in cargo hold - just as anti-grav platform collapses - hence the longer route), DROP MEDIKIT, DROP LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM, DROP SUIT, DROP GOGGLES.

NE, E, E, N (dead end), TAKE GUN, S, W, SW, U, U, W (end of glacier), FIRE GUN (melts the wall of ice), W (small rocky cave), TAKE DRUGS, E, E, E, SE, SW (cargo hold), DROP DRUGS, DROP GUN.

NE, E, NE (southwest of artefact), E (note message - write it in the same pattern as seen on the wall in the city, i.e. write it in columns and read it across), W, NE (entrance to artefact - note order of "shapes" encountered in the metal corridor), NE, NE, NW, SW.

Now go back to pentagon if necessary. PUSH PENTAGON. Now collect the shapes as you proceed. L, R, L, F, F, L, D (should now be in a store room), TAKE SWORD, E, TAKE REACTOR, W, N (bare room - see robot), SAY FLEZZ (to disable the robot {*}), N (do not kill the rats - the computer gets upset and won't give you a present), NW.

Now drop the "shapes" in the same order encountered in the metal corridor. TAKE CONDUCTOR, D (square room). Now proceed in the same order to return to the entrance to the artefact. NE (now northeast of artefact), W, S, SW, SW, SW (back in cargo hold), DROP CONDUCTOR, DROP SWORD, DROP REACTOR, S, PUSH BUTTON. There is a whirring as all the components start to function.

Your ship leaps skyward. You have scored 250 out of 250. Hey! You've got all the treasures too! You've won the game! Well done!

S A Y F L 
E Z Z T O 
D I S A B 
L E T H E 

Solution by Barbara Gibb -