Don't pay a lot of attention to the bizarre blurb on the back of the box - it seems to have been written by a man with a brief to describe the game in no less than 1,000 words, and much of what it says is pretty incomprehensible. Happily, the game is not a futuristic bout played out in an arena of infinite vastless that only exists in the mind of some supreme superbeings. It is, in fact, standard Scott Adams fare - find the treasures, find the room in which to store them, and solve the adventure's problems.


  1. Ignore the strange shapes that you see as you awaken and explore your enviroment by going E to the Viewing Room. From the Viewing Room, go D, N, E, N, E, E, S, E, E, E and you will be in a straw hut with a plaited rope. GET ROPE.
  2. Now go back W, S, E, E, E, N to the Mine Cage (Some sort of futuristic elevator/warp drive) and EXAM BUTTONS. PRESS 2 and you will be given the message 'Something happens', and the exit will change to read 'East'. Go E then N to the Abandoned Gallery. Here GET SHOVEL then go back S and W to the Mine Cage.
  3. PRESS 1 on the panel and again you'll get the message 'Something happens' and the change of exit. Go S, W, W, W, S and you'll be in the centre of a Stone Circle. Here you should type DIG and, in response to the prompt 'Tell me how?' type USE SHOVEL.
  4. You will unearth a stone slab. Trying to lift or open it is futile but you can MOVE SLAB to uncover some steps downwards. GO STEPS and go D and W to stand by a rock altar. GET the GAUNTLETS here and WEAR GUANTLETS before continuing.
  5. Now, in a long succession of moves, go E, U, U, N, N (back to the stoneage Village), W, W, N, W, S, W, S, S, S, U, W, W (to the Castle Courtyard), N, N, N, N, N. You will be at the tip of a Chasm.
  6. TIE ROPE (and when prompted 'To where? (use two words)), TO TREE. If this is correct, you will be given the message 'The rope is hanging over the edge' (of the chasm). Now EXAMINE TREE to find a metal block. GET BLOCK.
  7. Forget the hanging rope for the time being and go S, S, S and W. At the crevice, EXAMINE CREVICE to discover a piece of flint. GET FLINT.
  8. Now go E and DIG on the grassy plain. USE SHOVEL when prompted, and you will discover the first of the game's treasures, a box of emeralds. GET EMERALDS.
  9. A little deviousness from Scott Adams is evident here because to be able to continue you now have to DIG and USE SHOVEL for a second time. This will uncover a key which unlocks the door in the Castle Courtyard. GET KEY and head S and S to the Castle Courtyard again.
  10. UNLOCK DOOR. At this point, a soft voice whispers 'Hurry, you must not fail!' just to raise the pressure a bit.
  11. DROP KEY because you don't need it any more then GO DOOR to enter a kitchen. GET CAN and EXAMINE CAN to discover it contains oil. This is needed to fill the lamp later on in the game.
  12. Exit E from the kitchen and DROP the SHOVEL. Check to make sure you are actually still wearing the gauntlets then GET BRAZIER.
  13. Now, in another long walk, go E, E, D, N, E, N, E, E, S, E, E, N to discover a glacier and an ice cave. Type GO CAVE to enter and DROP BRAZIER. WAIT and the brazier will melt through the ice and reveal an ice tunnel. GET BRAZIER again and now GO TUNNEL.
  14. Once inside, DROP BRAZIER again, and WAIT again until a cloth strip appears in the ice. GET STRIP.
  15. Now it is time to do a bit of re-organising. DROP GAUNTLETS as you don't need them any more. Go W and you will see you are in a room with a sign. This is the 'treasure store', familiar in many Scott Adams titles. DROP EMERALDS to increase your score by 10 points. You still have nine treasures left to find.
  16. Now go E back to the Ice Tunnel, and S, S, S, S (to the path). On the path go E, E and S to find the Storeroom, in which there is a rusty lamp. GET LAMP and FIX LAMP with the cloth strip you found earlier. Now FILL LAMP with the can of oil. DROP the empty CAN, and LIGHT the LAMP using the metal block and flint. Now DROP BLOCK and DROP FLINT, as none of these items are needed any more.
  17. Time for another long trek back to the edge of the chasm: Go N, W, W, N, W, W, N, W, S, W, S, S, S, U, W, W, N, N, N, N and N.
  18. Now CLIMB ROPE and you can get to the bottom of the chasm. Go N to enter a 'warm cave' with a blackened skeleton hovering over you. EXAMINE SKELETON and you will discover it is wearing a gold amulet. GET AMULET (because its owner isn't really going to have much use for it, and it's also a treasure).
  19. Now return W and CLIMB ROPE to the lip of the chasm again.
  20. Go S, S, S and S and EXAMINE ROCKS which will reveal an ornate dagger, which is another of the treasures you need. GET DAGGER.
  21. Now go S back to the Castle Courtyard and GET the SHOVEL again. Go E, E and D to the Weapons Room. You've walked through this lots of times already but until it has not been necessary to GET the SWORD that was in there. Go N and GET the RUBY.
  22. Now go E, N, E and N to the twisty tunnel. In here there is a mechanical gladiator (We're not quite sure why!). KILL GLADIATOR using the sword and it will vanish.
  23. Now DIG and USE SHOVEL when prompted. You will find a black key.
  24. To free up inventory space now, DROP SHOVEL and then GET BLACK KEY.
  25. Now go E, S, S, E, E, S, E, E, E and N back to the Mine Cage.
  26. In here, DROP RUBY and then PRESS 4 and you will see the exit from the cage change to 'east'. Go E then E again to a display room.
  27. Again, there's a pretty superfluous mechanical guard in here but typing KILL GUARD with the sword makes him vanish into thin air! EXAMINE the display CABINET to discover another treasure, a red diamond. GET RED DIAMOND and then DROP SWORD (because you've dealt with all the adversaries now).
  28. Go W and W to the Mine Cage and PRESS 5 to move it again.
  29. Now go E to a passage with a locked door. This door needs the black key and since you have it, UNLOCK DOOR will open it. DROP BLACK KEY before continuing then GO DOOR to another storeroom. GET the Ebony SPEAR in here then go W and W again to the Mine Cage.
  30. In the Mine Cage, PRESS 1. You now need to juggle your inventory so you can take the ruby to the Score sign. So DROP LAMP and GET RUBY before going S, W, W, W and S to the Stone Circle. Type GO STEPS and go D and W to the rock altar again.
  31. PRAY here. As long as you have the amulet and diamond with you, a crystal scimitar will appear. (Heaven knows how you were meant to figure this bit out from the hints and tips originally provided!) GET SCIMITAR.
  32. You now need to store all of the treasures you have collected. Go E, U, U, N, N and N to the Glacier with the ice cave. GO CAVE, GO TUNNEL and go W to the Ice Vault. Cycle through DROP RUBY, DROP DIAMOND, DROP AMULET and DROP DAGGER. Keep the other treasures for now.
  33. Go E, S, S, S, W, W to the room with the vague shapes, then continue N, W, S, W, S, E to the Gladiator's Room. Here GET the SHIELD, and go W and W. Because you are carrying the shield, the lion will not be able to kill you, and you can KILL LION with the crystal schimitar.
  34. Now DROP SHIELD and go N and U to the Emperor's Box. EXAMINE EMPEROR and he will praise your courage and award you a prize, which is an Ixion Shield, the eight of the treasures. GET IXION SHIELD.
  35. Now go D, S, S, S and U to the Viewing Room. Here GO WINDOW to enter the lion's cage. GET STATUETTE here. Then go S, E, S, S, U, W, W, N, N, N, N and N to the lip of the chasm again. CLIMB ROPE to slide down it to the bottom.
  36. Now, you are in the endgame. Check you have the ebony spear and the ixion shield before continuing. Then go N, N and E into the Dragon's Lair where you will see a fire breathing dragon. Type KILL DRAGON and, if all is well, it will vanish, leaving behind a silver chalice. (If it does not then you tried to kill it without carrying the spear and shield and you have ended up roasted to a crisp!)
  37. GET CHALICE which is the final treasure.
  38. Now all you've got to do is to take the final five treasures to the Ice Cave. So go S, S and W to the bottom of the chasm. CLIMB ROPE then go S, S, S, S, S, E, E, D, N, E, N, E, E, S, E, E and N to the Glacier.
  39. Type GO CAVE, GO TUNNEL and W to arrive at the sign. Now cycle through DROP STATUETTE, DROP IXION SHIELD, DROP SPEAR, DROP SCIMITAR and DROP CHALICE.
  40. On dropping the chalice, you will have found all the treasures and completed the game!

This solution was amended from Jacob Gunness' solution for the Spectrum version of the game of the same name.

This solution has been tested and confirmed as wholly accurate by Dave E of Acorn Electron World.