First there was the Scott Adams series, then the Mysterious Adventures, and then came the ill-fated Questprobe series. THE INCREDIBLE HULK is the first in the series of Adventure International's foray into mixing text and comic book characters.

You wake up as Bruce Banner, tied hand and foot to a chair. You need to transmutate into the Hulk to continue so the correct first move is BITE LIP. This will cause you to leap up, scream, become the Hulk, get attacked by a gaseous substance and revert to being Banner again, all in one move. You will then be in a dome standing over the broken chair you were tied to.

READ the SIGN, which tells you that despite the copious instructions you got with your purchase of the tape, the adventure is standard 'seek out the treasure and take them to the proper location' fare. In this case you are looking for gems, which are preceded with an asterisk when described.

One of the gems is in this first location with you (for encouragement presumably) so GET GEM. There is also a metal hand fan in the room and you should also GET FAN before continuing. Now go out of the only exit available E into a tunnel. There is a button in the wall here. PRESS BUTTON. A mechanical voice will state 'Delay On'.

Now BITE LIP again and transmutate into The Hulk before you GO TUNNEL and escape to a field outside with another gem. GET GEM. You can also see a 'large dome' here. Now you probably think it's the top of the location that you woke up in, right? No, it's another dome, cunningly described in the same terms to trick you into not investigating it. LIFT DOME and you will find another gem underneath it! GET GEM.

Do not start wandering at this point despite the abundance of exits. The correct move is DIG HOLE. When it's big enough, you can then GO into the HOLE - although you'll find it's completely empty. What's the use of that? Well, actually, it's just that you haven't dug far enough. Typing DIG HOLE again will uncover another gem. GET GEM.

Go U out of the hole and then E. You will see the location descriptions change quickly, indicating that you have fallen through a time warp into a 'fuzzy area'. This is in fact the place to leave the gems, as you will discover if you READ the SIGN. DROP GEM, DROP GEM, DROP GEM and DROP GEM again until you're carrying nothing apart from the fan.

Now, when you go S from this location, it can take you to one of three different locations. Whilst you can complete the game by working through the locations in different orders each time you play, it gets a bit complicated to write all the different permutations in a walkthrough. So tackle it like this:

You are looking to go to 'a room with the Chief Examiner working behind a desk'. If you are in this location, fine, jump to the next paragraph. If not, then go N to return to the fuzzy area, then go S again. You have a 1 in 3 chance of getting to the correct location so, sooner or later, you will hit it. Just keep trying the S then N combination until you do! But be careful, because you can only visit this location once so don't be too hasty with your typing.

In the Chief Examiner's Office, EXAMINE the DESK and you will find another gem. GET GEM. You can also see a door in the room so GO DOOR. At this point the Chief Examiner will cast you back into the game, saying he is 'not ready' for you yet. You will now be in the fuzzy area again. Here DROP the GEM you recovered. Then go S.

If you move to a field with a gem in it, this is a different location to the earlier field that you were in, even though it's described identically, because you took the gem from that field away. (This is where you need be, so if you've moved anywhere else then go N - or GO DOOR in the office! - to get back to the fuzzy area.

LIFT the DOME to uncover a further gem. GET GEM and GET GEM again.

Now EXAMINE the DOME to see a wire mesh in the side of it. Now WAVE FAN and when you are asked 'At what?', type AT MESH. This blows away some killer bees waiting on the other side of it (Usually you have to die to discover this of course!). After this, GO DOME to return to a tunnel underground. READ the SIGN and you will discover a warning message that 'Hi Grav Ahead'.

Go W and you will now in in a dome and will be able to see some wax. GET WAX then return E. BITE your LIP to become the Hulk again, then GO into the TUNNEL to return to the field and go E back to the fuzzy area where you need to drop the gems. You should have two of them so type DROP GEM and DROP GEM again.

Go S from the fuzzy area and make sure you are in the field with the 'tiny holes' (Go back N if you are not and try again!). GET GEM and ants will swarm from the holes. The gem must have been keeping them in there. The next part really sucks but, basically, you can only manage one move in this location before the ants get into your eyes and kill you, so you have to keep moving out of the location, going all the way back through the fuzzy area, finding it again and making one more move in the sequence before escaping and starting over! So as the ants swarm, go E to be transported back to the fuzzy area. DROP GEM here.

Now you have to go back to the 'tiny holes' again. Go S, look at the location description, check it says 'tiny holes' (and if not, go back N!). Then DIG HOLE and GO HOLE to get away from the marauding ant army. You now have to type DIG HOLE until you uncover another gem.

Now go U and E back to the fuzzy area again. DROP GEM. Once again, you need to get back to the 'tiny holes' location by going S (and, if it does not work, you need to go N). When you arrive, LIFT the DOME then go E to escape the ants - again! - then S (or N/S) until you reach the 'tiny holes' again.

Now GET the GEM that you just uncovered and GO back into the DOME. You will revert to Bruce Banner as you do so. There is a gem in this part of the tunnel so DROP the FAN you are carrying and GET GEM.

Go W into a dome and GET another GEM. Now type BITE LIP and an astral projection of Dr. Strange will briefly appear in the location description. BITE LIP several more times until you are told 'Dr. Strange points to baseboard'. Now type EXAMINE BASEBOARD and you will discover a small gas outlet in the side of the dome.

Type PLUG OUTLET and USE WAX (That's the wax you took from the bee-chamber earlier.)

Now BITE LIP yet again. The projection of Dr. Strange will appear again but this time the power will not die. You will then be able to TALK to STRANGE and he will remind you to "Remember your worst enemy NIGHTMARE". TALK to STRANGE again and he will start plugging the next Marvel adventure. TALK STRANGE a third time and he will disappear in a burst of energy and leave behind a gem. GET GEM.

You need the wax again later so GET WAX. You will revert to Bruce Banner at this point.

Go E back to the tunnel then BITE LIP to become the Hulk again and GO TUNNEL. You will be in the field with the 'tiny holes' and killer ants, where it's best not to hang about!

Go E to the fuzzy area. Here, DROP GEM, DROP GEM, DROP GEM and DROP GEM. Now type REMEMBER NIGHTMARE.

"The Incredible Hulk very mad."

Now go S. You are looking for the field with 'Large dome. Large hole' (Not the field where there is just a 'Large dome'! If you don't get to it, go N then S until you do!) GO DOME and, once inside, go W back to the dome where you woke up all those moves ago.

Did you notice the iron ring set in the floor? PULL RING and an open hole in the floor will appear. Go E then BITE LIP and GO TUNNEL. Go E back to the fuzzy area.


"The Incredible Hulk very mad."

Go N to a small underground room where a 'natter energy egg' sits pulsing in the corner. This will explode unless you EAT EGG at once. Now REMEMBER NIGHTMARE again to keep up your rage. EXAMINE the WALL then REMEMBER NIGHTMARE again. SCRATCH the WALL to reveal a crack in the floor. Now GO CRACK to enter a cavern.

In here you will see Ultron and a small cage, as well as another gem. If you EXAMINE the CAGE you will also see Ant-Man imprisoned in it.

For now, GET GEM then retreat by typing GO CRACK, GO up through the HOLE you made in the ceiling and E back to the tunnel.


Now go E to the fuzzy area and DROP GEM. The slightly random correct sequence from this point on is PLUG EARS, USE WAX and HOLD NOSE. This allows you to face the ants without them posing any threat.

Go S (hopefully) to the 'tiny holes'. Now WAIT and the ants will swarm out of the holes. Finally CLOSE EYES. You will be told the ants attack but find no opening. Now GET ANTS so that they are crawling all over you. The location description will have changed to 'TOO DARK TO SEE!' and you have to remember the correct sequence of moves to get back to Ant-Man, which is E, N and GO CRACK. In possibly the least dramatic fashion ever narrated in a text adventure ever, the ants will then sneak up on Ultron and free Ant-Man. OPEN EYES to discover Ultron has disappeared, Ant-Man has disappeared and one last gem remains. Blah, Ant-Man doesn't even say thank you!

Nothing left to do but take back the final gem: GET GEM, GO CRACK, GO HOLE, E, BITE LIP, GO TUNNEL, E, DROP GEM. Oh yeah, and you also need the bio-gem which you saw in the underground cavern earlier. Go N then GET BIOgem. GO HOLE then E. BITE LIP, GO TUNNEL, E, DROP BIOgem and typeSCORE.

The Chief Examiner will then appear and give you the password 'Aria' (which unlocks Spiderman).