Well, yet another Adventure International release that is bugged to add to the collection. This game was limited to an Electron-only release so I suppose there's always the possibility that it works on a tape-based only machine but the nature of the bug is such that I somehow doubt it.

A particularly nasty bug this as well. You can get about halfway into the game and then it completely crashes when you try to complete an essential move.

A particularly taxing start places you in a dark dungeon with seemingly no means of escape at all. TALK to the PRISONERS who are locked up with you and they will inform you that you need to kill the guard to escape. However, calling him makes no difference.

The command which you require is CLIMB PRISONERS. Perch precariously on someone's shoulders and WAIT. There is a random chance, each time you type WAIT, that the guard will appear on the grating above you. Keep WAITing until either he appears, or the prisoners get too exhausted to hold you up any more (If this happens, try again!).

After you hear the guard's footsteps, type GET ANKLE to pull the guard over. He will fall over the grating and you can now STRANGLE GUARD to put him out of his misery. EXAMINE GUARD and GET his SWORD. Now UNDO the BOLT on the grating and OPEN GRATING. Now escape the prison by typing GO OUT. You will be told in the melee that the sword you had collecting has fallen back into the dungeon. However, this is a red herring - don't go back to get it; you don't need it for anything! Also note for the record that Will Scarlet and Much follow you around to every location.

GO DOOR into the Castle Courtyard and then GO BATTLEMENTS. In Indiana Jones-style, Much and Will manage to get under the portcullis and escape. You however, are not so lucky. GO through the DOOR on the battlements to a stone staircase where you are faced with two doors. GO RIGHT DOOR to enter Lady Marion's bedroom. You can TALK to MARION here if you wish, although she doesn't say anything very useful!

GO through the WINDOW and you will escape to Sherwood Forest. The escape was just a prequel in fact, and you are now introduced to your 'mission', which is to find the six Touchstones of Rhiannon and return them to their rightful home'.

Stow that information safely then go N, N, N and W through the identical Sherwood Forest locations until you reach a clearing where you see John Little, the bewitched slave of Belleme. (This all means nothing to me, not being a big Robin of Sherwood fan!) There is a Quarterstaff around here so GET STAFF and ATTACK JOHN (before he lops off your head!). Your win will break Belleme's spell and he will revert to Little John, your best friend. Now SAY FOLLOW ME and Little John will meekly comply.

Go N and N again to the Outlaws' Camp. Here you will be reunited with Much and Will Scarlet so you'll have all your Merry Men merrily in tow. Type WAIT here and a messenger will then turn up to say there is an archery contest at Nottingham at which you could win a silver arrow. (Yeah, that must have something to do with the Touchstones, it makes perfect sense!)

Go S and then GO WATERFALL to Herne the Hunter's cave. Here you will see a number of useful items so GET QUIVER, GET ALBION and GET BOW to continue. Then GO back under the WATERFALL. You don't need the staff any more so DROP STAFF before going on.

Now retrace all of your steps back to Sherwood Forest with Nottingham in the distance: S, S, S, S and E. GO NOTTINGHAM and, when you arrive, you should find the archery contest is already in progress. SHOOT an ARROW to impress everyone and you will score a perfect bullseye. Rather like (or should that be exactly like) the Disney film, this is a trap and you are suddenly surrounded by the Sheriff of Nottingham and his guards.

In a startling double-think, type GET SHERIFF here to pick him up. The guards will not dare to shoot whilst you are holding him. GET the silver ARROW from the ground and then GO GATE to temporarily escape. DROP the SHERIFF immediately as he slows you down. Without his guards, he will just run away, the little chicken!

Now go N, N, N, N, E, E, E, E, E and E through all the identical locations until you land in the Castle Belleme Courtyard. You will see the Statue of Azeal. GO STATUE.

At this point, the location description and parser goes haywire, leading one to the inevitable conclusion that invalid memory was accessed. At the bottom of this solution, just on the off-chance that you have an unbugged version, you will find the moves needed to complete the Spectrum version.

Similar bugs existed in early versions of Pyramid Of Doom and SAVAGE ISLAND PART ONE. Sigh.

GO STATUE, EXAMINE EYES, GET COINS, D, GO DOOR, S, KILL BELLEME (with the arrow), GET ARROW, EXAMINE BODY, GET TOUCHSTONE, UNTIE MARION, N, GO DOOR, W, W, W, DROP BOW, DROP QUIVER, N, N, N, EXAMINE BUSHES (Marion shows you a cave - how very logical!), GO CAVE, N, GET SIWARD, S, S, W, W, W, W, S, S, SAY WAIT, S, S, S (find the cart - should be around here), STOP CART, GO CART (you drive to Nottingham), WAIT (night falls), LEAVE CART, GO BATTLEMENTS, GO DOOR, GO LEFT, DROP SIWARD (he opens the chest), KILL SIWARD (if you want to keep you belongings!), EXAMINE CHEST * 3, GET COINS, GET TOUCHSTONE, GET CREST, GO DOOR, GO RIGHT, GO WINDOW, N, N, N, N, N, N, N, W, N, KNOCK DOOR, GIVE COINS * 3 (you must have the money from the Tax Collector - you get a touchstone in return), S, W, W, W, W, GIVE CREST (the templars give you another touchstone. Don't go near those people again), GET TOUCHSTONE, S, S, S, W, W, CLIMB TREE, EXAMINE TREE, GET TOUCHSTONE, D, E, E, E, E, S, W, W, S, S, W, DROP TOUCHSTONE * 5, DROP ARROW.

Herne brings you the final stone - and congratulations, you have completed ROBIN OF SHEROOD!

Note: Tax Collector - EXAMINE SACKS to find COINS Cart - could be anywhere in the southern part of the forest.