(You begin in a hallway) CLIMB ROOF (to avoid Sandman), W, LOOK CRIB, LOOK CRIB, GET FORMULA, GET *GEM*, E, GO FLOOR, E, OPEN DOORS, GO SHAFT, LOOK SHAFT, LOOK NICHES, GET *GEM*, U, LOOK NICHES, GET *GEM*, U, LOOK NICHES, GET *GEM*, LOOK UP (you see the elevator), PUSH ELEVATOR, U, LOOK NICHES, GET *GEM*, W, LOWER THERMOSTAT, LOWER THERMOSTAT, LOOK THERMOSTAT (the temperature is now 31 degrees F. So Hydroman is fairly cool now!), OPEN DESK, GET *GEM*, LOOK PAINTING, RIP PAINTING (a formula drops out), GET PAPER, READ PAPER (a web-formula!!), GET DESK, GET COUCH, GET CLOCK, GET PAINTING, GO SHAFT, D, D, D, W, W, N, N, DROP GEM * 6, SCAN LIZARD MAN (this gives you his chemical data), S, E, GET STATUE (it is really Hydroman), GET BLOCK, W, S, E, GO SHAFT, U, U, W, W, CLOSE EYES, W, PRESS KNOB, TURN KNOB (Ringmaster is history!), OPEN EYES, GET *GEM*, GO COMPUTER, TYPE RUN (it takes 950 pounds to start the press), E, S, GET ACID, GET CALCIUM, N, N, MIX CHEMICALS (you produce some calcium chloride), GET CHLORIDE, S, E, GO SHAFT, D, D, W, W, S, THROW CHLORIDE (Lizard Man turns into Doc Conners), LOOK CONNERS, GET *GEM*, GET CONNERS, N, N, N, DROP GEM * 2, S, S, E, GO SHAFT, U, U, W, W, S, GET CHEMICALS, N, N, MAKE WEB, S, E, GO SHAFT, D, W, W, CLIMB ROOF, REMOVE MESH, DROP MESH, GO DUCT, GET *GEM*, LOOK FAN (unless you want to be cut to pieces you'd better stop the fan - fortunately, it has a button!), SPRAY WEB, AT FAN (until it's at 50 mph), SPRAY WEB, AT BUTTON (the fan stops), GO FAN, D, D, D, D, D, GET DOCTOR, HIT ELECTRO (both scoundrels are stunned), W, LOOK DIAL (it only 2 pounds of paper!), DROP CONNERS, DROP COUCH, DROP CLOCK, DROP PAINTING, DROP DESK, E, LOOK DOCTOR, LOOK ELECTOR, GET *GEM*, GET *GEM*, GET DOCTOR, GET ELECTRO, W, DROP DOCTOR, DROP ELECTRO, DROP STATUE, LOOK DIAL (the weight now shows 957 pounds!), GET *GEM*, E, U, U, U, U, U, GET *GEM*, GO FAN, D, D, FEEL NORTH (you find a door), GET *GEM*, S, FEEL SOUTH, GET *GEM*, N, E, E, GO SHAFT, U, W, W, W, GO COMPUTER, TYPE RUN (1 newspaper ready!), E, E, GO SHAFT, U, W, RAISE THERMOSTAT (the aquarium thaws), EMPTY AQUARIUM, DROP AQUARIUM, GET *GEM*, GO SHAFT, D, D, W, W, CLIMB ROOF, GO DUCT, GO FAN, D, D, D, D, D, OPEN NEWSPAPER, GET *GEM*, U, U, U, U, U, GO FAN, D, D, E, E, GO SHAFT, D, W, W, N, LOOK WEST (a Biogem - is this Scott Adams or not??), SPRAY WEB, AT BIO, GET GEM, N, DROP GEM * 10, SCORE (Chief Examiner gives you the codeword Micah - whatever use that is I don't know. Anyway, now you have solved Spiderman!)

Jacob Gunness - 17/2-1991. Small fixes by Mr Creosote - 2002

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