The semifinal adventure in the Mysterious Adventures series is a modern adventure challenging you to recover eleven priceless artefacts of different colours. The final prize is the solid gold statuette. You begin in a train carriage en route to the final destination. You must WAIT until the train stops and then WAIT for a second time for it to start and stop again.

Go E and READ the SIGN on the platform. If you have arrived at the right place, it will say 'Upper Massington' (Not that this information is given anywhere in the instructions, of course, got to love Adventure International!). Go D onto the railway lines where you'll be able to find and GET a SPANNER. Return U and go E to a Waiting Room. EXAMINE the TABLE and you will then be able to GET a box of MATCHES.

Now go N, W, N, W and W to a country road with a gatehouse in the distance. GO GATEHOUSE.

Once inside, go U and DROP the MATCHES in the gate tower. Then go back D, E, N, E, S, E and E again to a muddy riverbank. EXAMINE the MUD and GET the BRASS KEY which you uncover. Now go W and S to a derelict warehouse with some rotting crates.

EXAMINE the CRATES to discover a candle behind them. GET CANDLE. Now EXAMINE the CRATES for a second time to discover some rope. GET ROPE too.

Go N to a rickety old whalf. Here, you have to do one of the most perplexing things I've ever encountered in any adventure ever - you have to type STAMP FOOT to fall through the wharf pilings! (Not only would you never think to do this in a zillion years, but even variations of the command don't work, e.g. JUMP or even STAMP FEET!!!)

SWIM in order to stay alive and then DIVE down to the river bed where you will find the first figurine, which is violet in colour. GET VIOLET.

SWIM again and you will be washed up on the riverbank. Now go N, W, N, W and W back to the Country Road.

GO back into the GATEHOUSE and back U to the Gate Tower where you left the matches. TIE ROPE to the tower and then GET the MATCHES again. (You had to leave them behind because of your detour into the water earlier!). Now CLIMB ROPE. You will climb to a gravel driveway.

Go W and you will be standing in from of a Large Mansion with an Oak Door. UNLOCK DOOR and once it is open, DROP BRASS KEY. Now GO through the DOOR and you will be standing in a hallway with a suit of armout. EXAMINE SUIT and you will be told that its arm is pointing backwards.

PULL ARM. Although the effect is not immediately obvious, this action has caused a dark opening to appear in another location. Now UNBOLT the SUIT. It will fall into a heap of metal, amongst which is the grey figurine. Hoorah! DROP the SPANNER and GET GREY to continue.

Now go S and E to a convervatory full of dead plants. Amongst these plants is the green figurine, so EXAMINE PLANTS to discover it. GET GREEN to continue.

Now go W, S, W and N to an Ebony Stand. If you EXAMINE this STAND you will see spaces for the ten figurines. Here DROP GREY, DROP GREEN and DROP VIOLET. Then go S, E, N and N to the hallway where you dismantled the suit of armour. Now, GO STAIRS and go U to the upper hallway. Go W into the Master Bedroom and EXAMINE the BED in there. You will discover a slip of paper. GET the PAPER and READ the PAPER to discover the code for a safe in a subsequent location. You can safely ignore the blatant advertisement for subsequent Mysterious Adventures!

Right, you don't need the paper any more so DROP PAPER. Then go E, N and E to the Green Bathroom. As long as you pulled the arm of the suit or armour, there will be a dark opening here. LIGHT the CANDLE (with the matches). GO into the OPENING.

Now go D into the Butler's Pantry where you will see a trowel. GET TROWEL and go S into a Utensil store. Yay, here's the silver figurine. GET SILVER to continue. Now go back E, U and U. UNLIGHT CANDLE (This is Adventure-speak for blowing it out!). Continue W, S, D, D, E and E to the Gravel Driveway. Now you can CLIMB the ROPE back to the Gate Tower.

Now wander D, E, N, E, S, E and E to the muddy riverbank. DIG in the MUD and when prompted 'How?' type USE TROWEL. You will uncover the black figurine. GET BLACK to store it safely away.

Now go N and DROP TROWEL. GO back into the STATION, then, in the waiting room, go S to the Ticket Office where a safe is located. Type OPEN SAFE and when prompted 'How?' type (somewhat unusually) 1983. EXAMINE the SAFE to reveal the yellow figurine. GET YELLOW and stash it with the rest of your possessions!

Now run N, N, W, N, W and W to the gatehouse again and GO GATEHOUSE and U. CLIMB down the ROPE back to the gravel driveway. Go W and GO through the open DOOR of the large mansion.

Inside, go S, S, W and N back to the Ebony Stand. Here you can DROP BLACK, DROP YELLOW and DROP SILVER to make six figurines found, four left to go. Return S, E, N and N to the hallway and GO onto the STAIRS, then U and E into the blue bedroom. GO through the WINDOW onto a balcony with a stone balustrade.

Now go D and E to a greenhouse. GET the CHISEL which is inside here, then return W to a walled garden with a dry fountain. CLIMB the FOUNTAIN. On top of it you will find the pink figurine. GET PINK.

Now go D to descend the fountain, and U to climb back to the stone balcony. Now CLIMB the BALUSTRADE. Now for a number of leaps of faith - JUMP onto the roof of a nearby mansion, then go E and S into a ruined arbour. Here is the white figurine! GET WHITE to stash it then go S back to the rooftop again. Finally, JUMP again, this time from the roof onto a flowerbed below.

Head N, W, W and W to the front of a large mansion. Here GO through the DOOR and meander S, E and S into a potting shed. LIGHT the CANDLE again, then DROP the MATCHES. Now GET the HAMMER and go N, W, N, W and S to a kitchen described as 'spotlessly clean'. I don't know about you but that gives me the urge to smash it up. SMASH all the TILES with the hammer and chisel and you will uncover a dark hole. Hmmmm.

DROP the HAMMER and DROP the CHISEL then GO into the HOLE. You will fall into a Boiler Room with a red figurine. GET RED then go U.

Next head N and E and GO onto the STAIRS in the hallway. Climb U and in the upper hallway, go E and E again to the blue bathroom, where you can now GET the BLUE figurine.

Now the final combination of moves: Head W, W, D, D, S, S, W and N to the Ebony Stand. Here, DROP RED, DROP BLUE, DROP WHITE and DROP PINK. On this last move, you will be told 'Something happened!' and this is actually the wall safe in the study opening. So S and E to the study. EXAMINE SAFE and GET GOLDEN.