Part 1

Start in the bar of the Crossbow and Quarrel Tavern. INV (nothing), ASK KEEPER (he says "I've heard rumours there's an assassin out to get you"), U, IN (your room), TAKE SWORD, OUT, D, OUT, S, S (dark side street - a brigand challenges you to a fight, ignore him for the moment), IN (decrepit old house), U, U (too high), JUMP (now standing on top of roof - see a whetstone), TAKE WHETSTONE, SHARPEN SWORD, D, D, OUT, FIGHT BRIGAND (okay if sharpened sword - note what he said before he died), EXAM BRIGAND, TAKE GLOVES, EXAM GLOVES, N, N, E, IN (blacksmith's shop), ASK FOR GADIR (as advised by dying brigand - you are given a helmet), EXAM HELMET (inscription inside says "He who wears this helm, will be free of any curse."), OUT, E, IN (college), S (library), EXAM SAGE (says "One behind then one ahead."), N, U (empty lecture room - see a coded message scrawled on the blackboard - using sage's clue it decodes as "For homework read page 57 of Frok's encyclopaedia."), TAKE SCROLL, TAKE QUILL, D, S (back in library), FIND FROK, INV (now have the encyclopaedia), READ 57 (a bookmark falls out), DROP FROK, TAKE BOOKMARK, EXAM BOOKMARK (says "bread knife").

N, OUT, N, N, IN (now in Goblin Guts Inn), WEAR GLOVES, TAKE DAGGER (must be wearing gloves), OUT, E (street at back of Inn - see a cloaked man), KILL MAN (asked "with which weapon?"), WITH DAGGER, EXAM dead MAN, TAKE PAPER, EXAM PAPER (it has a picture of you on it and instructions to kill you and go to the Herbalists), TAKE CLOAK, W, S, WEAR CLOAK, WEAR HELMET, IN (helmet protects you from the hag's curses and you won't be turned into a frog - she gives you a letter), OUT, READ LETTER, N, E, E, TAKE MATCHSTICK, W, W, S, S, W, W, S, S, IN (back in decrepit old house), LIGHT FIRE (need matchstick - an egg falls down the chimney), TAKE EGG, OUT, N, N, E, E, E, E (market square), IN (inside small tent - asked if you want to see his wares), SAY YES (he shows you a lamp which he claims has a genie), GIVE EGG (for lamp), EXAM LAMP (it is not magical), OUT, E, S (cobbled path - a creatures asks you a riddle), SAY WIND, E, E (end of dock), IN (now aboard a vessel), SAY YES (the captain will take you if you have a map and crew), OUT, W, W, N, E, E, E, E (outside palace - guard asks for the password), say BREAD KNIFE (you are arrested), ON LAMP, LOOK (see you are in a cell), COPY CHART (need scroll and quill), EXAM RATS (find a small hole in the floor), D (into sewer), W (now in Morbid Alley), OFF LAMP.

E, E, N, N, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, IN (antique shop - see a coin), TAKE COIN and immediately go OUT (magpie steals the coin), THROW WHETSTONE (at magpie), LOOK, TAKE COIN, TAKE BIRD, W, W, W, W, W, W, W, IN (Crossbow and Quarrel Inn), DROP BIRD (to feed cat - the woman thanks you and give you a hint), SAY SAQUE (scholar tells you to gamble with soldiers, but beware of cheats), GAMBLE (need coin), ROLL DICE, 1 5 (you win but they snatch your coin but give you another hint), SOMERSAULT (southerners offer to be your crew and give you a card), OUT, E, E, E, E, E, S, E, E, IN, SAY YES (if you have the map and card you will be given the password to begin part two).

Part 2

Password: U2

Start on The Mermaid without your possessions. OUT, W, U, ASK CAPTAIN (he gives you a cutlass), U, U (crow's nest - see a sleeping sailor), WAKE SAILOR, LOOK (he is now alert and on the lookout for pirates), D, D, D, D (kitchen), E, E (stores), TAKE FLASK (of green liquid), EXAM FLASK (contains poison detector), W, W, POUR LIQUID (into cauldron - cook thanks you for saving the crew), TAKE MONKEY.

U, E, E, IN (captain's cabin), TAKE CHART, EXAM CHART, EXAM ARROWS (on chart - show safe route to Bloodrock Isle), OUT, E, IN (crew's quarters - a sailor asks you a riddle), SAY CHAMELEON (he gives you a whistle), OUT, W, W, W, WAIT (pirates attack and you are called on deck), S (see a dead pirate), EXAM PIRATE, TAKE BANNER, EXAM BANNER (same emblem as on the cloak in part one), N, N, E (see another dead pirate), EXAM PIRATE (find a poniard {sword} and letter), TAKE LETTER, READ LETTER (it is from Bluebeard and gives the password "Kraken"), U (into rigging), U (if you have the banner and monkey, the monkey grabs the banner, goes up the rigging and exchanges it for the merchant flag).

Now wander around until the cook calls everyone for dinner {about 70 turns} - okay if you discovered the other food was poisoned. U, U, E, E (head of ship - see helmsman), GIVE CHART, SAY STEER E, W (to the main deck cannon location), WAIT (until the ship is attacked by a giant sea serpent - about 20 turns), PUSH CANNON (the crew automatically help you, unfortunately the helmsman goes overboard), FIRE HARPOON (to kill sea serpent). STEER N, STEER E, STEER E, STEER S (to avoid danger - the ship is now becalmed), WAIT (the captain says he will take over the wheel), WAIT (repeat until a storm develops), WAIT (lightning strikes the ship and you have to jump into the water), BLOW WHISTLE (a shoal of dolphins arrives and rescue you).

Now on a sandy shore. N, TAKE BADGE, S, E, E, E, E, E (behind a clump of bushes), TAKE BLOWPIPE. Remember you are in a tropical forest, so CLIMB TREE (now by a treehouse), IN (a man asks you a riddle), SAY BED (he gives you a rope), OUT, E, E, D (you've avoided the natives), E, TAKE PLANT, E (a mad ape bars your way), GIVE PLANT (ape leaps into a tree), E (deep in tropical forest - a maze), NE, N, NW (grassy clearing outside village wall), MAKE NOOSE (in rope), THROW ROPE, LOOK (see it hanging down - your escape route), W (gate of village), N (inside village), TAKE UNIFORM, S (native warriors won't let you), E, U (ladder, to platform - see your rope), CLIMB ROPE, SE, S, SW, S, SE, E, N, NE, S, NW (rocky path outside the tropical forest).

E, E (mountain path - an armed thug asks you to play in order to pass), BLOW PIPE, LOOK (see a dead thug), EXAM THUG, TAKE CLUB, E (see a palace in the distance), WEAR UNIFORM, WEAR BADGE, E (20 guards challenge you), SAY KRAKEN (as given in letter found on pirate - but you are still thrown into the dungeon). End of part two. Note password to start part three.

Part 3

Password: C3PO

Start in a dark, damp dungeon. INV (wearing loincloth), WAIT, WAIT, WAIT (two guards unchain you and take you to the arena - see a trained fighter), KICK SAND (into his eyes, you then kill him), TAKE BODY (6 guards appear), THROW BODY (at guards to give you time to escape), IN (guards chasing after you), N, N, CLIMB CURTAIN, IN (now on balcony), N (see a guard peering out of the window), KILL GUARD, EXAM GUARD, TAKE UNIFORM, TAKE HELMET, REMOVE LOINCLOTH, WEAR UNIFORM, WEAR HELMET, PUT LOINCLOTH (onto guard), TAKE GUARD, THROW GUARD (from balcony onto rocky cliff below), S, E, EXAM SCULPTURES, PUSH NOSE (you fall into a wide corridor).

W, S (armoury), TAKE SWORD, N, W (bottom of spiral staircase), U, U, N (long north-south corridor), E (torture chamber - torturer leaves), W, N, N (if torturer has gone for a drink you should see a lever - note scene in painting), PULL LEVER, L (painting changed to show a dusty courtyard), ENTER PAINTING, S, PULL VINE (it breaks), EXAM WALL (see footholds), CLIMB WALL (to window), IN (see a wounded sailor, in fact it is the cook from The Mermaid - he gives you a password, a warning and hint), OUT, D, N, N, N (outside palace - a sentry asks for a password), SAY WARLORD, E, E, TAKE BUCKET, U, U, N (see warning on sign), N (an avesaur swoops over you - also see a pool of acid), FILL BUCKET, THROW ACID, DROP BUCKET, N, TAKE KEYS, S, S, S, D, D, W, W, S, S (back in dusty courtyard), D (back at end of corridor), S, S, E (torture chamber), KILL EXECUTIONER, EXAM CAGE, UNLOCK CAGE (need keys). You release the captured sailors and they offer to help you but they need arming. SAY FOLLOW, W, S, D, D, E, E, E, E (outside storeroom), UNLOCK DOOR (need keys), OPEN DOOR, IN (room full of weapons - the sailors arm themselves).

OUT, W, W, W, W, U, U, N, N, N (back at painting/lever location). Unfortunately you will be killed if you use the portal to teleport directly to Trolez-Hiar in the Throne Room. ENTER PAINTING (dusty courtyard), N, N, E, E, U, U, S (by large decorated door), UNLOCK DOOR (need keys), OPEN DOOR, IN (met by 30 soldiers - okay if accompanied by armed sailors), E, U (top of steps - see a scroll), TAKE SCROLL, EXAM SCROLL (gives magic words), D, E (banqueting hall - see Trolez-Hiar and Zlonia), KILL TROLENZ (he snaps his fingers and disappears with Zlonia), SAY DROK (as per scroll (*) - throne moves, revealing an exit), IN, E (see a bronze key), TAKE KEY, E (you fall down a chute - to a small bare room), UNLOCK GRATING (need bronze key), OPEN GRATING, D (now crawling through a low tunnel), S, S (sacrificial chamber - see Trolez-Hiar about to kill Zlonia), KILL TROLEZ (he has gone again!), TAKE ZLONIA, SWIM LAKE, E, E, E (amongst bamboo), TAKE BAMBOO (to help you breathe), WAIT (until you hear men talking, then move away), U (to complete part three and be given the password to begin part four).

{*} SAY DROK ARNE may be accepted but does not score 10%

Part 4

Password: LYNX

Start on a grassy bank of lake. INV (Zlonia is still with you), N, DIG, TAKE SPEAR (a dragon attacks you, but okay if you are carrying the spear, but it carries off Zlonia), N, N, N, N (within a small village), ASK PEASANT (about dragon), N, W, W, IN (tavern - see a man), EXAM MAN (his name is Nexor and he asks you to help rescue Ceras), EXAM NEXOR (he leads you through a maze of alleys to an ivy-covered building), CLIMB IVY, IN (see Ceras, dead, with a note pinned to his back with a knife - you will never get here quick enough to save him - you are now back in the tavern).

OUT, E, E, E (east/west track), TAKE CASK, W, S, S, S, S, S, S (back at lake), FILL CASK, N, N, N, N, N, N, E, E (fields), N, THROW WATER (tree splits, revealing a wooden disk), TAKE DISK, S (a shepherd should be here), ASK SHEPHERD (he says he will help you), W, W, W, W, W, TAKE SPIDER, E, E, E, N, N (shady main track), TAKE STRAP, INSERT STRAP (need wooden disk), I (the strap and disk have made a large wooden shield), N, N, TAKE FIREFLY (your light source), N, N, NE, NW, N (by an impassable barricade of boulders), EXAM SHEPHERD (who should be with you - he says "This way" and leads you to a narrow gully on the other side of the avalanche), N (hear a rumbling - a huge boulder is coming towards you), JUMP (onto boulder), WAIT, DUCK (as you go through a low tunnel), WAIT, JUMP, SQUEEZE SPIDER (a long sticky thread shoots out and you land on a ledge - see a troll beating a wolf), PUSH TROLL (into chasm - the wolf says "I am Aquil", changes into an eagle and flies away).

IN (cave - need firefly as light source), SE, SE (rock path), NE, N, NW, W, SW (trail - hear the clank of armour), S (you are captured and tied to a stake inside a tent), SAY AQUIL (a mouse appears and gnaws through the ropes), I (nothing), OUT (see a snoring guard), KILL GUARD, EXAM GUARD (find a uniform), TAKE UNIFORM, WEAR UNIFORM, N (by fire, only your shield remain), TAKE SHIELD, N, N, JUMP, W, NW, N, NE (ask a riddle), SAY CANDLE, U, U (outside a dark cave at the summit of Mt. Cragfall), IN (okay if carrying your shield), TAKE ZLONIA, N, E, E (dragon circles overhead), SAY AQUIL (a huge vulture appears and carries you out of danger).

You are now outside Troutweed Swamp. N, E, W, W, W, U (outside temple), IN (see a bejewelled runesword - note the name), TAKE SWORD, OUT, D, E, E, N, N (you are attacked by Swamp Goblins, okay if carrying runesword), N (Swamp Demon appears and knocks the runesword into the quagmire), SAY INFLICTOR (the runesword re-appears and you decapitate the demon). You are now inside a ring of daisies, NE, NW, N (outside gates of Cazanth). The friendly guards meet you and escort you to the tavern.