The Axe Of Kolt

Solution by Barbara Gibb on a Spectrum

Part One

Start on a dry dusty road west of the village of Hengemire. I (carrying nothing, wearing leather tunic, patched trousers, and rawhide boots), X SIGNPOST (see notice), READ NOTICE (tells you about the market), E, E, E, E (catch sight of something or someone moving in trees), LOOK E (outlaws waiting to ambush anyone using the road), W, S (by church), S (graveyard), SEARCH GRASS (now have a brass clapper), E (coming here triggers the arrival of the brewer's dray at the inn), W, N, NW, NW (by inn, should see the dray in the yard), NW (cobbled yard), HELP LANDLORD (he accepts, you help him to unload, plus a few other jobs and in return he gives you a meal and some ale plus a bed for the night). You are now in the main room of the inn in the company of Lorna, the landlord's wife. TALK TO LORNA (she mentions a pass through the mountains), ASK LORNA ABOUT "PASS" (another route to Shorfield, but Dwark lives there), ASK LORNA ABOUT "DWARK" (comes out at night - the trapper can tell you more), X BEAM (see drawing of a dragon and the name Zorak), W (by fireplace), X TAPESTRY (depicts warrior wielding double-headed axe and fighting lizardmen - see name of King Kolt), E (a traveller enters with the news that the Xixon have returned and that the King has asked for a volunteer to find the fabled Axe of Kolt; you decide to visit Magor in the morning). If the traveller doesn't appear, go W then return E until he does. E, N (fork in track), NW, W (dragon flies out of a cave, it is fairly friendly and only wants you to remind him of his name), SAY "ZORAK" (the name on the beam in the inn), W (foot of pinnacle by stone door to tower), X BELL (clapper missing), FIT CLAPPER (the one found in the graveyard), RING BELL (door opens), W, U (main chamber of Magor's tower), TELL MAGOR ABOUT "XIXON" (he is upset, and when you tell him you intend to find the Axe of Kolt he gives you a bag of gold so that you can equip yourself for the task), X BAG, LOOK IN BAG (10 coins).

D, E (slab rolls back into place), E, SE, D (north side of green), S, X STALLS (not yet set up), NW, W (inside inn), BUY ALE (costs 1 gold coin), E (if you bought ale the market is now open), E (by lampmaker's stall), TALK TO LAMPMAKER, BUY LAMP (costs 1 gold coin), BUY TINDERRBOX (also costs 1 gold coin), X LAMP (empty), ASK LAMPMAKER ABOUT "OIL" (told oil vendor due soon), S (middle of village green by stone cross), X CROSS, WAIT (oil vendor arrives), BUY OIL (need lamp as he fills it for you - oil also costs 1 gold coin), X STALL (of armourer), BUY [anything you see] - everything is too expensive), W (see the trapper selling fur coats), ASK TRAPPER ABOUT "DWARK" (trapper says he escaped from the Dwark by diving into a snowdrift), X COATS, BUY COAT (3 gold coins). With your lamp full of oil, tinderbox, fur coat and useful information you are ready to journey through the pass), NE, N (see snow ahead), WEAR COAT, U (it is now night), LIGHT LAMP (need tinderbox), U (entrance to pass - hear wailing sound), E (meet Dwark), DIVE INTO SNOW, U, E (Dwark following you), DIVE INTO SNOW (this time your hand closes on a small rock), U, THROW ROCK (at Dwark), RUN SE, RUN E (into cave where you are safe). You automatically spend the night here and awaken refreshed).

EXTINGUISH LAMP, W (to southwest end of pass), D (mountain to a road), SW (by bridge across a stream - see movement), LOOK SW (those outlaws are still there - remember this for later), NE, E (passing close to sawmill), E (near farm), N (dog chases you back to the road), E (T-junction), X SIGNPOST, S (hear voice), E (meet elderly lady), TALK TO LADY (she has lost her door key in the flower bed), SEARCH BED (she suggests you borrow a sieve from the farm), X LADY (shivering), GIVE COAT TO LADY, W, N, W, N (dog should have disappeared if you have spoken to June Rowe), SEARCH FARMYARD (see sieve hanging on wall), TAKE SIEVE (farmer says you can have it if you chop the logs), S, E, S, S, S (bank of river - see ferryman), TALK TO FERRYMAN, ASK FERRYMAN "CROSS RIVER" (he says his boat leaks and he has no money for planks and tools, also says if you want to go to Hecate you'll need some chainmail).

N, N, N, W, W, S (see sawyer), SAY SAWYER "WOOD" (he says the connecting rod is bent so he can't use his machinery), TAKE ROD, N, E, E, NE (forge, see blacksmith), SAY BLACKSMITH "STRAIGHTEN ROD" (his response suggests he will be more helpful if he had something to drink), SW, S, S, W (taproom), BUY ALE (landlord can't change a gold coin, you need a silver coin), E, N, N, W, W, W (road at foot of mountains where you meet a sergeant and his soldiers looking for the outlaws), SAY SERGEANT "FOREST" (the soldiers capture them and the sergeant gives you a gold coin).

As it is now safe to use the road through the forest, go SW, SW, W, W (to east side of village green), N (see girl at well), HELP GIRL (she rewards you with some fruit and vegetables), S, S (by church where toolmaker now has a stall), TALK TO TOOLMAKER, BUY HAMMER (1 gold coin), NW, X STALL, BUY AXE (small axe for 2 gold coins), LOOK IN BAG (you now only have 1 gold coin).

S (see billy-goat), X GOAT (could be dangerous), W (southwest side of village green by cesspool - see something glinting in the weeds), SEARCH WEEDS (see a hat pin). When you bend down to pick it up the goat will butt you and you will land in the cesspool, losing anything you are carrying, so DROP ALL and then TAKE PIN. You are covered in s**t so DROP PIN for the moment and go NE, NE (to the well), TURN HANDLE (to lower bucket), TURN HANDLE (to raise bucket), X BUCKET (full of water), WASH (you are now clean again), SW, SW, TAKE ALL (including the pin which you had to get before the husband of the owner claimed it), N, N, W (inside inn, hear some people arguing), LOOK AROUND (see two men), X MEN (domino players), W (by fire), DRY CLOTHES, X MANTELPIECE (covered in thick dust), SEARCH DUST (find domino), E, GIVE DOMINO (to men so that they can resume their game, one is so grateful he gives you a talisman), X TALISMAN, X RUNES (indecipherable, may be another visit to Magor will help), E, E, N, NW, W, RING BELL, W, U, SHOW TALISMAN TO MAGOR (note details), WEAR TALISMAN.

D, E, E, SE, D, S (middle of village green), E, E, E, NE, NE, E, E, N (farm), CHOP LOGS (need axe you bought at the market), TAKE SIEVE, S, E, S, E (by cottage), SIEVE BED (find key and given a silver coin if you gave your coat to the lady), DROP SIEVE, S, W, BUY ALE (need silver coin), E, N, N, NE (forge), GIVE ALE, GIVE ROD (blacksmith straightens it for you), DROP TANKARD, SW, W, W, S, GIVE ROD (sawyer gives you some planks), N, E, E, S (by oak tree - note breeze), S (meet a woman searching for something), X WOMAN (me in a pre-editorship of Probe era), TALK TO WOMAN, N (by tree), CLIMB TREE (see hat), TAKE HAT, D, S, GIVE HAT, GIVE PIN (the one you found in the weeds), GIVE FRUIT (and vegetables, she gives you a gold coin). As you should now have 2 gold coins, return to Hengemire. N, N, W, W, W, SW, SW, W, W, W (by armourer's stall), BUY CHAINMAIL (need 2 gold coins), E, E, E, NE, NE, E, E, E, S, S, S (bank of river), GIVE PLANKS (to ferryman), GIVE HAMMER (to ferryman - now he wants some nails!), N, N, N, NE (forge). The blacksmith isn't here but his apprentice appears to be in charge. SAY TO APPRENTICE "NAILS" (he wants something for them), GIVE AXE (now have nails), SW, S, S, S, GIVE NAILS, BOARD FERRY and save position to load into part two.

Part Two

You start on the other side of the river. S, W, W (fork in path - you get a feeling you are being watched), WEAR CHAINMAIL (bought in part one), NW (archer fires an arrow at you but you are all right if wearing the chainmail), N, E (by abandoned cottage), X PATH (covered in dead leaves), SEARCH LEAVES (find doormat), LIFT DOORMAT (find key), UNLOCK DOOR, E (dark), LIGHT LAMP (with tinderbox, both bought in part one), X FLOOR (covered in rubbish), SEARCH RUBBISH (find a rubber ball), X BALL (probably belonged to the dog who used to occupy the huge basket), X TABLE (has one drawer), OPEN DRAWER, SEARCH DRAWER (nothing), REMOVE DRAWER, TURN DRAWER OVER (find a piece of paper), DROP DRAWER, X PAPER, READ PAPER (in a language you don't know), W, DROP KEY, EXTINGUISH LAMP, S (garden), X FLOWERS (find seed pod), TAKE POD (can't), SHAKE POD (seed rattle inside), SHAKE POD HARD (seeds fall out), TAKE SEEDS, N, W, W (large spider drops onto your shoulder), quickly type BRUSH SPIDER and as soon as the prompt appears type STAMP ON SPIDER, X SPIDER (note description for later).

W, SW, SW (east bank of river), X RIVER, X FISH (piranhas), SE, E, E, S, SW (by oak tree with a small door), X DOOR, KNOCK (told the door won't be opened until the woodsmen and lizardman have gone), S (back garden of house), SEARCH IVY (find window), X WINDOW (glass broken). Ensure you REMOVE GLASS before you CLIMB IN (to study of house), LIGHT LAMP, SEARCH WRECKAGE (find book), X BOOK, READ BOOK (more in that unknown language), CLIMB OUT, X GAP (between shed and house), X STRING (now have a pair of knickers), TAKE STRING, X SHED, LIGHT LAMP (if necessary, need tinderbox), W, X JUNK, SEARCH JUNK (nothing useful), CLOSE DOOR (see some more junk), SEARCH JUNK (find a piece of wood), X WOOD (Y-shaped), X KNICKERS, TEAR KNICKERS (now have piece of strong elastic), TIE ELASTIC TO WOOD (now have a catapult), OPEN DOOR, E, EXTINGUISH LAMP, N, NE, N, W (hear two men arguing on other side of the hedge), LISTEN, LOOK N (see two woodsmen), FIND STONE, FIRE STONE AT WOODSMEN (need catapult). One accuses the other of hitting him, and they fight; one is killed and the other goes off with the deer), N (through hedge), TAKE SPEAR, X SPEAR (see note at end of this part).

S, W, NW, S, SE (small clearing with dovecot), X DOVECOT, X DOVE (has piece of fluffy cotton in its beak), THROW SEED (onto ground, dove flies down and drops the cotton as it eats the seed), TAKE COTTON (as you try to take it a magpie swoops down and grabs it), NW, N, SE, E (hear rustle of feathers and you see the thieving magpie), RS or SAVE to tape/disc as it is random as to whether you hit or miss the magpie. FIND STONE, FIRE STONE AT MAGPIE (need catapult). If you miss, RL or LOAD and try again until you are successful. TAKE COTTON, E (junction), X HEDGE (see gap), N (near bushes), X BUSHES (moving but there is no wind!). It was from here that the archer probably fired the arrow at you, so THROW SPEAR AT BUSHES, N (to see a dead Xixon). TAKE SPEAR, SEARCH BUSHES (find bow and arrow). Now that a woodsman and a lizardman have been killed, return to the ugly dwarf, S, S, S, SW, KNOCK, SAY TO DWARF "YES", SHOW SPEAR, SHOW BOW, SHOW PAPER (he now wants something to eat).

NE, N, E, NE, NW, N, E, N (see movement in orchard), LOOK E (see partridge), [RS], FIRE ARROW AT PARTRIDGE (may be random, so if unsuccessful RL and try again), DROP BOW, E (as you approach the dead partridge a dog appears and stands guard over it), X DOG, WHISTLE (dog becomes alert), BOUNCE BALL (dog watches it), THROW BALL OVER WALL (dog chases it), TAKE PARTRIDGE, W, S, W, W, W, SW (boar should appear when you enter from this direction), THROW SPEAR AT BOAR, TAKE SPEAR (it is important that the dead boar is left here), SW, SE, E, E, S, SW, (by oak tree), KNOCK (if you have the partridge the dwarf snatches it from you), SHOW PAPER (it is a recipe for partridge pie - the dwarf gives you a small bottle and ask if there is anything else he can help with), SHOW BOOK (he says it is a diary, but also informs you that the bottle contains fish repellent).

NE, N, W, W, [RS], NW (see the second woodsman inspecting the boar you killed; he picks it up and carries it off). As soon as the prompt appears type FOLLOW MAN before you lose sight of him. He enters a clearing, drops the boar and opens a concealed door - he reappears with a newspaper and then enters the privy), N (by mound, see dead boar and the deer he took earlier), N (by hut/privy), SEARCH HUT (find key hanging on nail), LOCK DOOR (of privy, to give yourself a little extra time), S, OPEN DOOR (of house), D (dark), LIGHT LAMP, LOOK UNDER WARDROBE (find grimoire), READ GRIMOIRE (note details for later), REPLACE GRIMOIRE, U, S, FOLLOW TRACKS (now back on forest path - if you didn't replace the grimoire the woodsman will catch and threaten you, but you'll still be able to finish the adventure).

SW, SW (east bank of river). This is another good time to RS to memory, or better still SAVE to tape/disk as you have been warned that the fish repellent has a time limit), EMPTY BOTTLE INTO RIVER, CROSS RIVER, U, NW (by large thorn bush), TAKE THORN, SE, D, CROSS RIVER (should still be okay), SE, E, E, E, NE, NW (by stunted sapling), X SAPLING (see leafless branch), [RS], BREAK BRANCH (see scar with resin oozing out), quickly DIP THORN INTO RESIN and STICK COTTON TO THORN before the resin hardens (you now have a dart), N, W (to dead spider), X SPIDER, DIP THORN INTO POISON (now have a poisoned dart), W, SW, SW (back at river), CROSS RIVER (okay if you haven't wasted too much time), U, [RS], S (meet an Xixon warrior how wishes to behead you), DUCK (he now wants to chop off your legs), JUMP. He now tries to run away, so THROW SPEAR AT XIXON, W, W (see dead warrior), As always, TAKE SPEAR, W (west end of avenue of stones), LOOK W (see Morgeth and demons). You can't kill her here, so retreat E, E, SW (by brambles), X BRAMBLES (find low tunnel), CRAWL W, W (end of tunnel - okay if you have killed the boar on the other side of the river - I wonder how it managed to escape the fish?) LOOK N, X SPEAR, UNTIE HEAD (from bamboo tube). Remember what you read in the grimoire? SAY "NILRE EKIM" (now made the poisoned dart more potent), INSERT DART INTO TUBE (now have a loaded blow-pipe), BLOW DART AT MORGETH (direct hit - she dies if you have used the spell), E, E, NE, W, W,. W (by altar - see body of Morgeth), X MORGETH (crumbles to dust). An apparition of Magor appears and tells you he will teleport you to a grassy knoll overlooking Daymn village, close to the Tomb of King Kolt where the fabled axe may be hidden. Save your position to load into part three.

Note: While carrying the spear you can UNTIE HEAD so that you have an iron spearhead and a bamboo tube. If you do this too soon and find you need the spear again, you can MAKE SPEAR provided you are carrying the spearhead, tube and string/clothes line.

Part Three

Start on a grassy knoll. I (particularly note you still have catapult, spearhead and string), DROP TUBE, REMOVE CHAINMAIL, DROP CHAINMAIL, D (wide dirt track), SE (see some movement in the village square), LOOK E (see some lizardmen in square), SE (corner of building), LOOK E (see horse trough), FIND STONE, FIRE STONE (need catapult - the noise of the stone landing distracts the Xixon who all look northwards), RUN E (to behind the trough), LOOK AROUND, CRAWL E (to cart), LOOK AROUND, TIE STRING TO [spear] HEAD, WHIRL HEAD (on string), RELEASE STRING and RUN E while soldiers distracted). You are now behind the wall of a partially-demolished house. Go SE away from the village to a mining area. S (by shaft), S (on boards across shaft), X BOARDS (rotten), WAIT or R (until boards collapse and plunge you into darkness - you lose all the possessions you were carrying). Your hand brushes against the winch rope, so GRAB ROPE, CLIMB D, A[gain], A, FEEL AROUND (find opening to the south), JUMP S (on ledge, still in darkness), FEEL AROUND, S, FEEL AROUND (rockfall to south), A (this time you find something), FEEL OBJECT (goggles), WEAR GOGGLES (can now see in the dark), N, JUMP N (now clinging to rope again), CLIMB U, A, A, A, A (now see ledge to the east), JUMP E (just in times as the timbers and rope collapse), LOOK U (note bar for later), E (now at the end of a long mine tunnel), X WAGON, X CARRIAGE, X BRAKE (lever missing), X WHEELS (rusty), X BOX, X LUG (pin missing), E, E (wide circular hallway, see turntable), E (hear weird moaning sound), E (edge of abyss where part of the track has fallen, note track continues on other side), W, W, N, E (large chamber where you encounter a giant rat), RUN W, RUN S, RUN W, RUN W, RUN W, GRAB BAR (the chasing rat plunges down the shaft).

E (by wagon), LOOK UNDER WAGON (find pin), X PIN, SCRAPE RUST (on carriage - need pin), SEARCH COMPARTMENT (find hacksaw), W (end of track), X BUFFERS, SAW BOLTS (on buffers, beam now released), SAW BAR (now have it), DROP HACKSAW, E, E, E, X TURNTABLE, N, E (no more rats!), SEARCH EQUIPMENT (now have hammer), SEARCH BOXES (now have a tub of grease), PULL SHELVES (find chalk), TAKE CHALK, MOVE CRATES (find hole), X HOLE (rat's burrow), REACH IN HOLE (now have a sparker), X CHALK, X TUB, X HAMMER, X HAMMER CLOSELY (see name cut into wooden shaft), READ NAME (very worn), RUB CHALK ON SHAFT, READ NAME (now see what is says), DROP CHALK, W, N (unsafe part of tunnel), LOOK N (see pickaxe about 7' away), X BAR (5' long), TAKE PICKAXE WITH BAR, S, S, S (south of crossroads), SEARCH RUBBLE (now have a length of fuse), N, E (tunnel floor bumpy), SEARCH TRACK (now have a stick of explosive), E (edge of abyss), LEVER TRACK S (need bar), A, A (won't go any further), LOOK ALONG TRACK (note angle), W, W (at turntable), LEVER TURNTABLE (need bar), W, W (at wagon), GREASE WHEELS (need tub of grease), DROP TUB, INSERT PIN IN LUG (secures carriage), CLIMB INTO WAGON, DROP ALL EXCEPT BAR, CLIMB OUT, W, TAKE BUFFER, E, E, E, E, E (at abyss), SLIDE BUFFER UNDER TRACK (need bar). The track now inclines upwards and southwards), W, W, W, W (by wagon), INSERT BAR INTO BRAKE, E, E, S (by rubble), X TUNNEL, X TIMBERS (one is loose). Do not simply pull it as the roof will collapse, killing you, instead PULL TIMBER CAREFULLY, TAKE TIMBER, N, W, W, PLACE TIMBER IN WAGON, CLIMB IN WAGON, PUSH AGAINST ROOF (wagon starts to roll towards abyss). You should be okay if you have pinned the carriage and moved the track into position to compensate for the wind and distance travelled), APPLY BRAKE.

TAKE TIMBER, THROW TIMBER OUT WAGON, TAKE ALL (hammer, pickaxe, stick of explosive, fuse and sparker), CLIMB OUT, E, E (straight stretch of tunnel - a ghostly figure of a barrow wight appears), X WIGHT, REMOVE TALISMAN (the one you have had since part one), SHOW TALISMAN TO WIGHT, SAY "BEGONE TORBIG BRISFAK" (the name on the hammer), WEAR TALISMAN, E (note alcove is to south), E, E (end of track), W, W, W, W (crossroads), N, N, TAKE SPADE, S, S, E, E (near alcove), X TUNNEL, X TIMBERS (look rotten), DROP ALL, W, W, W (by wagon), TAKE TIMBER (brought from other side of abyss), E, E, E, PROP ROOF WITH TIMBER, TAKE HAMMER, HAMMER TIMBER, TAKE ALL, E, E (rockface), X TUNNEL, SEARCH TIMBERS (now have a chisel), TAP ROCK WITH CHISEL (sounds as if there may be a space on the other side), MAKE HOLE (need hammer and chisel), DROP CHISEL (keep hammer), ATTACH FUSE TO EXPLOSIVE, INSERT EXPLOSIVE INTO HOLE, LIGHT FUSE (need sparker), W, W, S (into alcove - safe if strengthened roof), N, E, E, E (through freshly-made hole). You are now in a long passage. LOOK BEHIND BOXES (now have a staff), X STAFF, S (south end of passage), X FLOOR CLOSELY (see holes - a trap), THROW HAMMER ONTO FLOOR, X DOORS, PUSH DOORS WITH STAFF, S (large square chamber - see golden doors), LOOK UP (see stone block), OPEN GOLDEN DOORS WITH STAFF (the stone block crushes the staff but not you), S (tomb of King Kolt), X THRONE, TAKE AXE, LOOK UNDER THRONE (now have a bronze key), N, N, N, UNLOCK BRONZE DOORS (need bronze key), N, U, N (north end of sloping passage blocked by brick wall), HIT WALL WITH PICKAXE, DIG EARTH (need spade), A, A, A, A (all the earth has now been moved, revealing a slab of rock), PUSH SLAB, A, A, A (it falls over), N (entrance to tomb), N (edge of woodland), NW (captured - killed unless you are carrying the Axe of Kolt), Now in dungeon. X GRILLE (see hole), REMOVE GOGGLES, PUT GOGGLES INTO CHANNEL, REMOVE TALISMAN, PUT TALISMAN INTO CHANNEL (optional), R (until prompted to save position to load into part four).

Part Four

Start locked in prison cell, you are hungry. SEARCH CELL (nothing), SHOUT, A, A (jailer appears), SAY "FOOD", WAIT, A, A (jailer brings a plate of food), TAKE PLATE, EAT FOOD, GROAN, A, A (attract jailer's attention), SAY "YES", GROAN LOUDLY, A, A, A, A (jailer enters cell), KICK JAILER, SEARCH JAILER (find keys), UNLOCK MANACLES (need keys), SEARCH CELL (find piece of rag), GAG JAILER (with rag), CHAIN JAILER (so he can't call out or move), E, CLOSE DOOR, LOCK DOOR, S (note drainage channel for later), UNLOCK DOOR (to another cell), OPEN DOOR, E, CLOSE DOOR, LOCK DOOR, WAIT, A (Xixon warriors enter dungeons, find the cells secure, and then leave).

If you don't waste moves, you should have enough to get this far without being caught.

DROP PLATE, UNLOCK DOOR, OPEN DOOR, DROP KEYS, W, X CHANNEL, X GRILLE, SEARCH HOLE (remember what you [should have] put into here at the end of part three? - you should now have the goggles, plus the talisman as a optional extra), N, U (top of stairs), E (L-shaped chamber), E (east side of room), X TABLE, R (until you hear voices and footsteps), HIDE UNDER TABLE (one Xixon stays), WAIT (Xixon falls asleep), FEEL AROUND (now have cudgel), W, W, N, HIT XIXON WITH CUDGEL (you kill him, but he inflicts a nasty wound to your leg), TAKE ALL (goggles, cudgel, etc), U, N, E, E, OPEN DOOR, N (dark), WEAR GOGGLES (see you are in a small bed chamber), SEARCH CHAMBER (see shelf), SEARCH SHELF (find sheet), TEAR SHEET, BANDAGE LEG, SEARCH BED (find bottle), X BOTTLE (acid), X DOOR, READ SIGN, S, W, OPEN DOOR, PUSH DOOR HARD (it opens), S (confronted by woman aiming a crossbow at you), CALM WOMAN (a healer), SAY ALISON "HEAL LEG" (says she needs clean linen and medicines from her locked room, she gives you her key), SEARCH SCULLERY (now have a piece of string), N, E, E, LOOK N, LISTEN, W, W, W, W, U, U, U, U (hear voices above), LISTEN, E (see Xixon), CREEP E, STRANGLE XIXON WITH STRING, TAKE SWORD (from Xixon), UNLOCK DOOR (need key from Alison), OPEN DOOR, S, TAKE ALL (clean linen and canvas bag), N, DRAG XIXON S (into room), N, CLOSE DOOR, LOCK DOOR, W, W, D, D, D, D, E, E, KNOCK ON DOOR, SAY "ALARIC" (now back in scullery), GIVE LINEN TO ALISON, GIVE BAG TO ALISON (she dresses the wound), SAY ALISON "FOOD", SEARCH CUPBOARD (now have a piece of meat), TALK TO ALISON, GIVE TALISMAN TO ALISON, OPEN DOOR, KISS ALISON.

N, W, W, N, U, U, U (hear voices from above), E, E, E (hear voices from below), U, U, W (encounter a Xixon warrior who is approaching you - if you have the sword but not the butter you are okay and you kill the soldier). A dwarf appears and takes the body away. EAT MEAT (gives you strength), W (another Xixon appears - okay if eaten meat and got sword). The dwarf reappears and again takes the body away. W (hear voices below you), U (see embrasure), X EMBRASURE, CLIMB EMBRASURE (see opening), X OPENING (narrow), W (can't squeeze through), D, D, E, E, E, D, D, W, W, W, D, D, D, D, E, S, D (back at dead Xixon who wounded you), SEARCH XIXON (now have gloves), MOVE XIXON (see knife), TAKE KNIFE, S, E (see the table you hid under), SEARCH TABLE (see rancid butter), TAKE BUTTER, W, N, U, N, W, U, X DOOR (see spyhole), LOOK THROUGH SPYHOLE, U, U, U, E, E, E, U, U, W, W, W, U, CLIMB EMBRASURE (back at opening), RUB BUTTER ON OPENING, W (okay as butter acts as a lubricant). You see a drainpipe to the west. WEAR GLOVES (as your hands are greasy), JUMP W (to drainpipe), U (see Xixon), X XIXON, PULL XIXON (over battlements), U (south battlements), N (see two Xixons to be northwest), WAIT (they move away), LOOK D (see flagpole), X FLAGPOLE (see rope), UNTIE ROPE, E (see Xixon to the east), THROW KNIFE AT XIXON, E (dwarf takes the body away - before he goes he reveals that Etherug his brother is the dwarf who lives in the tree you found in part two), SE, NE, LOOK U (see metal bar), GRAB BAR, PULL BAR, A, A (got it this time), SW, W, W, LOOK D (see ledge about 20' below), X ROPE (about 20' long), TIE ROPE TO BAR, WEDGE BAR IN BATTLEMENTS, CLIMB D ROPE (onto ledge), X GRILLE (cemented into wall), POUR ACID ON GRILLE. Do not drop the grille. TIE ROPE TO GRILLE, CLIMB IN OPENING (dark, so wear goggles if necessary - see Axe of Kolt secured with heavy staples), X STAPLES, POUR ACID ON STAPLES (I know if you examine the bottle it says it is empty but this is the only action that works - you now have the axe. CLIMB OUT, CLIMB U ROPE, PULL ROPE (you automatically untie the rope from the grille), NE (north side of battlements), LOOK D (see roofs of some buildings about 50' below), WEDGE BAR IN BATTLEMENTS, CLIMB D (now 20' nearer the building), LOOK AROUND (see drainpipe), SWING (you grab the drainpipe and keep hold of the rope), FLICK ROPE, D (to roof of building), N (edge of roof 25' above courtyard - see another building 15' to the north and 6' lower), LOOK D (see a man at a window), SHOUT (it is King Kelson), WAVE AXE, S, RUN, JUMP, UNTIE ROPE (from bar), TIE ROPE TO AXE, LOWER AXE (to King Kelson who invokes the magical powers of the axe and his action stirs his subjects - the lizardmen are defeated).


Note: For full points (1500) you have to include some inputs not essential to complete the adventure.

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