Fire Island

Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (BBC/Electron Version)


You get talking to an old sea-dog in a dockside tavern who tells tales of daring and adventure when he sailed with "Mad Dutch" Mike, the notorious pirate. Although he is obviously drunk, the conviction in his voice makes you listen when he tells of a far off island here a fortune in pearls has been hidden. You hire a ship and set sail for the island Unfortunately for you he forgot to mention a coral reef that rings the island and you run aground in heavy seas when you arrive

Note: If you take too long the volcano erupts and the island slips beneath the sea.

Walk Through

(Start on a sandy beach), W, N (trail), N, GET FERNS, N, N, N, N (south bank of river), EXAMINE RIVER (see dark shapes in the water), E (see a log), EXAMINE LOG (an alligator), E, GET VINES, EXAMINE VINES (long and thick), SWING VINES (to north bank of river), W, W, N (trail), N, N (junction where you see a skull on a pole), EXAMINE SKULL (decorated with a crudely painted design), GET POLE (leave the skull), N (hilltop where you see a party of natives on the trail leading up the hill from the north), LEVER BOULDER (using the pole - causes an avalanche which burries the natives), DROP POLE, S (junction), E, E, E, N, N, GET BRUSHWOOD, N, W, W, W (must have buried the natives with the rock before entering here), GET MACHETE, EXAMINE SLOPE (covered in rocks), GET ROCK, W, W, W, S, S, S, E, E, E (back to junction), DROP BRUSHWOOD, S, S, S (north bank of river), W, W, W, ENTER WATERFALL (cave), S, S (thick bushes bar the way), CHOP BUSHES (using the machete), DROP MACHETE, S (clearing), E, E, E, E, S, S.

S (beach), E, GET DRIFTWOOD, TIE DRIFTWOOD (you have made a raft with the driftwood and vines and can now swim and carry objects on the raft), EXAMINE BAY (see a ship half-submerged in the water), SWIM SHIP (you are in the sea next to the ship), DIVE (sea bed), GET KEY, SURFACE, S (deck of ship), W (submerged cabin), GET SHOVEL, E, E, UNLOCK DOOR, S (captain's cabin), GET LAMP, N, E, S (wheelhouse - nothing here), N, E (deck by hold), EXAMINE HATCH (padlocked), SMASH LOCK (using the rock - the padlock breaks and the hatch opens), DROP ROCK, ENTER HATCH (to hold where you see an oil keg), GET OILKEG, LEAVE HOLD (back to deck), E, CLIMB MAST, GET TELESCOPE, D, W, W, W, W, ENTER SEA, SWIM BEACH, W, ENTER SEA, SWIM WEST (note west must be typed in full - see a marshy beach to the north), SWIM BEACH, GET SHELL, ENTER SEA, SWIM EAST, SWIM BEACH (back to sandy beach).

N, N, N, E, E (trail), DIG PIT, COVER PIT (with the ferns), E (a wild cat looks hungrily at you), W (the wild cat chases after you and falls down the pit), EXAMINE PIT (there is a wild cat in it), E, E (dimly lit cave), GET FLINT, LIGHT LAMP (using the flint), EXAMINE TUNNEL (covered in large spiders), POUR OIL, LIGHT OIL (it ignites and burns the spiders), N (small cave), GET MAP, READ MAP (shows a cross on a beach to the north), S, W, W, W, W, N, N, N (river bank), E, E, SWING VINES (north bank of river), W, W, N, N, N (junction), W, W, W, N, N, N, E, E, E, N, N (beach), DIG BEACH (find a chest), GET CHEST, OPEN CHEST (it is empty except for a message saying "You've come this far, the chest is bare and, the treasure is sunk beneath the island), DROP CHEST, S, S, E, E, E, S, S, S, W, W, W (junction), S, S, S (river bank), W, W, W, ENTER WATERFALL, S, S, S (clearing), E, E, E, E, N, N, N (south bank of river).

E, E, E (by lake), WEAR SHELL (you put it over your head and it traps a pocket of air), ENTER LAKE, DIVE (bottom of lake), W (underwater tunnel), W, W, W, W (pool in a sunken cave), LEAVE POOL, GET PEARLS, ENTER POOL, E, E, E, E, E (bottom of lake), SURFACE, LEAVE LAKE (back to river bank), W, SWING VINE (north bank of river), W, W, N, N, N (junction), GET BRUSHWOOD, N (hilltop), LOOK TELESCOPE (see a ship on the horizon flying a skull and crossbones), WAIT, LOOK TELESCOPE (see a ship on the horizon that appears to be a trading vessel), W, DROP BRUSHWOOD, LIGHT BRUSHWOOD (a passing ship sees your signal fire and you are rescued).


You have escaped the island with the Pirate's Treasure.