Pony Express

Solution by iamaran

You start in the Pony Express office with just two dollars. The clerk says that the sheriff has an important job for you.

So head north, east, and north to see the sheriff.

He asks you to take an urgent message to the commander of Fort North and gives you thirty dollars for equipment.

Go south, west, and north and play poker. You need to win more money.

Go south, west, and north to the general store and read the sign. It's a price list.

Buy a knife ($2), a blanket ($2), a rope ($2), kerosene ($1) and a tinderbox ($2)

Go south, east, east, and south to the stables. Read the sign (another price list).

Buy a horse ($10), a mule ($5) and saddle ($3) and saddle the horse.

Go north, east and north to the gunsmith. Read the sign (yes, it's another price list).

Buy a rifle ($4) and ammunition ($2).

Total spend - $33.

Head south, east and south.

You're on a trail. If you head south, either on foot or on horseback, you'll find yourself in the hands of outlaws.

However, if you wait until nightfall and ride your horse northwards they won't see you but they will hear you.

To prevent this, cut the blanket into strips and tie them onto the hooves of your horse before riding it.

Head north, north, north.

You're on a trail bisected by a stream. It's morning and you see smoke signals. If you read them you discover that an Indian scout is telling the tribe about your arrival. If you go

north, you're ambushed.

Examine the stream. It flows west between some bushes. Enter the stream.

Head west and cut and tie the bushes.

Drag the bushes back to prevent the Indians from following your trail later. Go west.

If you go south the outlaws ambush you. If you head north you are killed by an Indian's arrow - they must've followed your trail from the stream.

Slap your mule on the rump - it'll head south leaving a false trail.

Head north, north, and north again.

Night falls and it's too dark, so light a fire.

Head north, north.

If you go north again, you will see a scout examining your tracks. Shoot him - you need the rifle, as it won't work if you're carrying just the pistol.

Go south and search his body. You find a bow and arrow so take them.

Go north, north and north again.

Fire your rifle to scare the buffalo. They stampede. This will prevent you from being ambushed as you go north once again.

Ride your horse for speed and head north, north, north, east and east.

Tie the rope to the arrow. Fire it across the water and enter the ferry.

Pull the rope. Off you sail. Leave the ferry.

Go north, west and west.

You deliver your message successfully!