King's Ransom

This extremely simple game is strictly deterministic, so it is possible to give an exact step by step solution.

GET LAMP, LIGHT LAMP, E, S, GET RAT, N, E (the snake will grab the rat, so you can pass), E, EXAMINE TREE, GET KEY, W, W, S, OPEN DOOR (with the key), DROP KEY, E, GET BAR, W, N, W (well done).


  1. Although extremely simple, this game knows the pronoun IT, so you can type GET LAMP then LIGHT IT.
  2. Do not try to pass through the tunnel without a lighted lamp, else you will be attacked by a giant spider.
  3. Don't try to pass through a tunnel accross a great crevasse. Doing so is deadly.


This extremely simple illustrated game is written just as a demonstration game which demonstrates the possibilities of The Adventure Creator. The parser is a simple verb-noun parser. As the game is really extremely simple, if you didn't succeed to solve it by yourself, keep your hands far from text adventure games at all...

Game solution by Zeljko Juric. If something is not clear, ask me using e-mail:

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