Ring Of Time

This is an overly complicated adventure, many locations need to the verb GO to enter them and many objects are not visible unless you SEARCH for them. There is a limit of 6 objects, so inventory management may take some time. Also annoyingly it doesn't accept the verb "GET" so you have to use "TAKE" instead.

We start in an open plain, start off by going S, S, W, W, N, GO COTTAGE, U and TAKE PENKNIFE. Now return back to the start (D, S, S, E, E, N, N). Then go E, GO SHED and SEARCH SHED to find some matches. TAKE MATCHES and return to the start (S, W). Now head N, N, E, GO STABLES.

TAKE CANDLE then KILL DOG (with the penknife) and CUT DOG, then TAKE MEAT. Then SEARCH STABLES to find a jug, TAKE JUG.

Return to the start: S, W, S, S and carry on S, S, E, E, GO MONASTERY, N, N, E and TAKE PARCHMENT. You can READ the PARCHMENT for an advert if you want, though you don't need to do this to complete the game.

Head back out, W, S, S and DROP KNIFE (you'll need it later), then continue on S, W, W. Go S, S, E, D to the bottom of a hole. Here we can LIGHT CANDLE to give us some light. Note, the candle has a finite burn time, so we don't want to mess around too much in dark rooms. Walking around dark rooms with no light will cause you to die.

Once the candle's lit, we can repair the hole in the jug: POUR WAX. Now head S, S and THROW MEAT to get rid of the crocodiles, FILL JUG (with the lake water) then SWIM LAKE and LIGHT CANDLE again (as it's gone out). Head E and N to the door.

Now DROP PARCHMENT, then PUSH PARCHMENT (under door), PUSH KEY (out of the lock) and PULL PARCHMENT. TAKE KEY and UNLOCK DOOR, then DROP KEY. Then TAKE PARCHMENT and BURN PARCHMENT, this will give us a combination (I got 59-22-62). The combination is random each time the game is started, so note it down.

Now go E and SEARCH CAVE, then TAKE SWORD. We don't need to explore the rest of this area just yet, so head back to the bottom of the hole: W, S, W, SWIM LAKE, LIGHT CANDLE, N, N. DROP CANDLE (it goes out) and DROP MATCHES.

Now head back to the monastery (U, W, N, N, DROP JUG, E, E, GO MONASTERY). TAKE the PENKNIFE and head E, E. TAKE BOOTS and CUT PAINTING to reveal a safe. UNLOCK SAFE and enter the combination that was got from the parchment and TAKE the SADDLE that appeared.

We can now DROP the KNIFE as it's no longer needed. Head back W and N. KILL MONK (with sword) and FRISK MONK. TAKE NECKLACE, WEAR NECKLACE and DROP SWORD. Head E and OPEN CUPBOARDS, SEARCH CUPBOARDS, TAKE SUGAR. Go N and TAKE ROPE.

Head back to the intersection (S, W, S, W, S, W, W) and DROP BOOTS, DROP SADDLE, DROP SUGAR, then carry on back to the cave (S, S, E, D, TAKE CANDLE, TAKE MATCHES, LIGHT CANDLE, S, S, SWIM LAKE, LIGHT CANDLE, E, N, E, DROP CANDLE, TAKE CANDLE). Leave the cave and head to the mill (E, S, S, E, N), then THROW ROPE, CLIMB ROPE and TAKE SHOVEL. Go back D and TAKE ROPE.

Head back to the bottom of the hole (S, W, N, N, GO CAVE, LIGHT CANDLE, W, S, W, SWIM LAKE, LIGHT CANDLE, N, N). DROP CANDLE and DROP MATCHES (for the last time) and go back to the intersection (U, W, N, N).

Carry on towards the cottage: W, W, N, W and we find ourselves at the bottom of an oak tree. THROW ROPE and CLIMB ROPE, then SEARCH NEST and TAKE BELL. Head back D and leave the rope here (as we don't need it) and head to the intersection (E, S, E, E).

TAKE BOOTS and WEAR BOOTS, TAKE SADDLE and TAKE SUGAR. Unfortunately the 6 item limit means we're going to have to make a detour to get rid of one object and then come back: head to the stables: N, N, N, N, E, GO STABLES. Now we're going to grab some transport. RING BELL, DROP BELL, GIVE SUGAR, SADDLE HORSE.

Head back to the intersection (S, W, S, S, S, S), TAKE JUG and return to the stables (N, N, N, N, E, GO STABLES). Now MOUNT HORSE and KICK HORSE to get it move.

We'll be transported to a dark forest. There is only one route out, which is N, E, S which'll lead you to a clearing. Walk S past the cowled figure (thanks to the necklace) and continue E, E.