Hex is a pseudo "real-time" adventure where you must wait around at certain locations at certain times. To advance time quickly, simply hit the 'RETURN' key without input as it has the same effect as typing WAIT.

From outside the Kingfisher Inn, go E then GO into the village STORE. GET the SACK of flour before LEAVEing then go E again and you will be outside a closed trinket shop. Hit the 'RETURN' key about 25 times to hang about outside then GO SHOP when it opens. Inside the shop, EXAMINE the SHELF and EXAMINE the URN you find there. GET the CLOD of earth only. Taking the other items will result in a beating from the locals.

LEAVE the SHOP and go W, W, S and S to a gateway. GO through the GATE to the grounds of the parsonage and keep LOOKing (Key L then the 'RETURN' key) until the parson gets tired of looking at you (after about twenty such inputs). Go W and LISTEN to soak up the atmosphere. GET the TROWEL and go E, N, N, N, E, E and D onto the pebbled beach. WASH the CLOD in the seawater to reveal a ring. Now go E.

GO onto the revealed TOMBOLO off the shore and follow the path N, U and N to the old house. RING the BELL and a man will appear. TALK to the MAN and, on seeing the ring, he will invite you inside. ENTER and CHOOSE a tarot CARD as requested. You will be told what to do next.

LEAVE and head S, D, S, D, W, U, W and W. ENTER the INN and READ the PLAQUE chronicling the legend of Vianna. Now LEAVE and keep LOOKing (L) until darkness falls and a lit lantern is placed before you. GET the LANTERN then go S, W, W and W. You can now GO into the COTTAGE you passed earlier. TALK to the MAN inside and he will introduce himself as Baines, whom you have been told to seek. SAY TREGARETH sent you and you will have access to the whole of his possessions.

GET the COMPASS before LEAVEing then follow the road W, W and W. Lots of eerie things will be happening around you as you do. Go S into a dense mist and wander W and S through it onto the crest of a hill. Go D and D again into a combe dominated by a large manor house. GO into the MANOR courtyard (which belongs to the parson you saw earlier) and LIFT the WINDOW.

GO through the WINDOW into a library and walk E and E through the house into the study. EMPTY the SACK of flour then retreat W. Hang around by hitting the 'RETURN' key until you hear movement within the study. Go E to investigate and you will find the room empty. EXAMINE the FOOTPRINTS on the floor and EXAMINE the CORNER they lead to. The inspection reveals a loose tile. MOVE the TILE and PULL the ROPE to reveal an opening to a secret passage.

GO OPENING and then go N. EXAMINE the FLOOR and LIFT the TRAPDOOR. By going D, E, E and N, you can return to the churchyard by this new route. Now the crypt will be open so GO into the CRYPT and GO along the TUNNEL littered with keys. Go N and E past the clump of trees to the shore. DIG here with the trowel and OPEN the wooden CHEST you unearth.

GET and LIGHT the FLARE to expose the smugglers' operations and then return W. GO into the CLUMP of trees. In amongst them you can GET a white HORSE and should RIDE the HORSE. Ride S, E and S to Snake Lane where it will throw you off. Walk S and you will be faced by a short man with a gun. EXAMINE the MAN to reveal the real secret of Vianna but do not try to escape else he will shoot. Hit the 'RETURN' key until Tregareth attacks him from behind. Both men will plunge over the cliff edge.

Hit the 'RETURN' key three more times and the church bell will toll. Go E, S and S then ENTER the lychGATE. Go W and GO onto the church PORCH. TALK to the PARSON in the church and he will ask you to return to the Inn where the adventure started. LEAVE and go E, GO GATE, N, N and E. You will then see a Kingfisher proving both that the legend may have been true and that you have completed the adventure.