Note: The adventure accepts verb/noun inputs, the first 4 letters of each word recognized.


Start wandering within a dream-world. I (nothing), WAKE UP.


E (beside babbling stream), EXAM TERPSICHORE (enchantingly beautiful), TALK to TERPSICHORE (she is the Muse of Dance), S, S, S (crossroads), E, ENTER HOUSE, E (kitchen), TAKE KNIFE, W, U, W (upper West room), EXAM BALLERINA, TALK to BALLERINA (needs her ballet shoes), E, N (upper North room), TAKE LADDER, S, D, LEAVE HOUSE, ENTER STAGE, EXAM ESCAPOLOGIST, TALK to ESCAPOLOGIST, CUT ROPE (need knife - escapologist is now free, and runs away), DROP KNIFE (not needed again), JUMP DOWN, W, N, N, W (by tree), DROP LADDER, CLIMB LADDER (see a hollow in the tree), EXAM HOLLOW (discover a jacket), EXAM JACKET (find a silver key), TAKE SILVER key, D, TAKE LADDER, E, S, S, E, DROP LADDER (needed again later), ENTER HOUSE, N (lounge), UNLOCK CLOSET (need silver key), DROP SILVER key, EXAM CLOSET (see a skeleton), EXAM SKELETON (crumbles away, leaving behind a skeleton key), TAKE SKELETON key, S, LEAVE HOUSE, W, S, W (outside village hall), READ SIGN (Grand Bazaar tomorrow), READ NOTICE (a plug for Geoff's next game i.e. "Hex"), UNLOCK HALL (need skeleton key), ENTER HALL, EXAM GOODS (see some ballet shoes), TAKE SHOES, LEAVE HALL, E, N, E, ENTER HOUSE, U, W, GIVE SHOES (to ballerina). Harlequin appears, waves a curious wand and transports you back to beside the babbling stream.


E, EXAM THALIA, TALK to THALIA (she is the Muse of Comedy), S, S, S, E, ENTER HOUSE, S (dining room), EXAM TABLE (see a salmon), TAKE SALMON, N, U, N (upper North room), EXAM SHELF (see a red glove), TAKE GLOVE, S, D, LEAVE HOUSE, DROP GLOVE (needed later), TAKE LADDER (left here earlier), ENTER MARQUEE, ENTER circus RING (see a cage), N, W (field), U (into living wagon), TALK to MAN (he has lost his "face"), D, N, READ SIGN (Madame Zara, clairvoyant), READ NOTICE (closed due to unforeseen circumstances), ENTER TENT (see a crystal ball on a table), EXAM BALL (now you know what the "H" stands for), LEAVE TENT, S, E, E, DROP LADDER (by cage), W, ENTER MARQUEE (back in cIrcus ring), OPEN CAGE, ENTER CAGE, DROP SALMON, LEAVE CAGE (door closes behind you), OPEN CAGE, N, E, CLIMB LADDER (now on top of cage), OPEN CAGE (a large bear lumbers out), D, W, ENTER MARQUEE, CLOSE CAGE (to trap bear), N, E, ENTER CAGE, EXAM BOX (see some netting), TAKE NETTING, LEAVE CAGE, W, ENTER MARQUEE, S, S, W, W, N (butcher's shop), TAKE CLEAVER, S, E, S (village green), S, S, S, E (heart of woods - as you try to go east something dives and claws at you hair), THROW NETTING (you catch a large barn owl, which then flies away), E, EXAM BUILDING (door securely chained), CUT CHAIN (need cleaver), DROP CLEAVER, ENTER BUILDING, U (ladder), EXAM NEST (see an eggshell), TAKE EGGSHELL, EXAM EGGSHELL (has a painted face - this is how clowns register their make-up design), D, LEAVE BUILDING, W, N, N, N, N, E, ENTER MARQUEE, ENTER RING, N, W, U, GIVE EGGSHELL (to man who can now change into a clown), EXAM CLOWN, TALK to CLOWN, D. Harlequin appears and zaps you back to the babbling stream.


E, EXAM ERATO, TALK to ERATO (she is the Muse of Love Poetry), S, S, W, ENTER WILLOW, EXAM PIERROT, TALK to PIERROT (yearns for Columbine), E, E, S, E, ENTER HOUSE, U, N (upper North room), EXAM SHELF, READ NOTE (a hint - note the glove can't be found - you should visit this location in Thalia's section and drop the glove outside the house for use later), S, D, LEAVE HOUSE, TAKE GLOVE (left here earlier), ENTER STAGE (see performing rats and a juggler), EXAM RATS, EXAM JUGGLER, TALK to JUGGLER (he loses concentration and runs off), TAKE CLUB, EXAM CLUB, JUMP DOWN, W, W, S (candlestick-maker's shop), TAKE CANDLE, N, E, S, S, S, W, S, W, W (clearing in woods), W, DROP CLUB (to trigger the tripwire to the south), S, S, W, S, E (inside clown's house), EXAM FIRE (see a poker), WEAR GLOVE, TAKE POKER, LIGHT CANDLE (using poker), W, N, W (inside tavern), EXAM FIRE, POKE CINDERS (need poker - find a black key), DROP POKER, REMOVE GLOVE, DROP GLOVE, TAKE BLACK key, E, N (inside Pierrot's house), U, ENTER DOOR (back room), EXAM DESK (locked), UNLOCK DESK (need black key - find a poem), DROP BLACK key, TAKE POEM, READ POEM (it is for Columbine), ENTER DOOR, D, S, E, N, N, E, E, E, N, E, N, N, N, E, ENTER STAGE (see Harlequin and Columbine, GIVE POEM (to Columbine - Harlequin waves a curious wand and disappears, with Columbine. JUMP DOWN, W, N, N, N (babbling stream - Erato speaks to you), EXAM STUMP (see a marionette), TAKE MARIONETTE, EXAM MARIONETTE, S, S, S, S, E (village inn - see The Puppet-man), GIVE MARIONETTE.