The third Melbourne House adventure has kept a steady flow of questions coming into my mailbag. Classic Adventure still provides a chuckle even though it is a number of years old now.

I guess it has something to do with a certain ironclad lady who used to run the country. I suppose the gameplay can best be summed up as: How to avoid sobering up while keeping out of her way.

You start off in a cosy room in Number 10, safely hidden from Maggie's eagle eye, while you plan your getaway in order to drink the cellar dry. It's a nice room with a chair, a desk, a bed, a wardrobe, a bookcase, an Adam fireplace and a picture of that redoubtable warrior, Winston Churchill.

Go NORTH to the lobby and NORTH again under the stairs where you can see a Purdy shotgun, some golf clubs and a piece of cheese. You'll hear these chilling words: "Show yourself, Denis, be sure you'll be found." Fret not: HIDE instead until you hear Maggie go out.

TAKE the golf CLUBS and move back SOUTH to the lobby, then EAST and NORTH to the master bedroom, where there is a wardrobe, table, double bed and plant pot. EXAMINE the POT to reveal the flask, TAKE FLASK and DRINK. From now on, you must drink about every ten moves or you will sober up with unfortunate conqeuences.

Next EXAMINE BED to find the sheets, TAKE SHEETS and then EXAMINE WARDROBE to disclose the radiation suit.

TAKE RADIATION SUIT and go EAST to the bathroom and EXAMINE TUMBLER to see your teeth. TAKE TEETH, WEAR TEETH and go West back to the master bedroom and DRINK. Very daringly, go SOUTH to Maggie's den then West to the lobby and UP to the servant's quarters where you'll see some Cherry Blossom polish. TAKE CHERRY and go DOWN to the lobby again.

Back SOUTH to Maggie's den where you should DROP the SHEETS and the golf CLUBS before EXAMINing the WARDROBE. You should now see plusfours, sheets and a suit. It's time to DRINK again.

TAKE and WEAR the SUIT and then EXAMINE the DESK to see a letter: TAKE LETTER and go NORTH to the lobby. Now go West into Downing Street where a policeman will offer you a ticket. The correct response is BUY TICKET.

After that charitable act proceed in a NORTHEASTerly direction to Whitehall - you'll see a little cloth bag - and then plod your way NORTH to Soho where a French model has hung her sign. Have a DRINK while you ponder Life, the Universe and French models.

Time to go NORTH to a Chinese restaurant, where you must BUY a MEAL before going back to Soho. If you go SOUTH then EAST from here to the private eye's office and GIVE over the LETTER, you'll be offered a truss and a bottle of port in exchange: TAKE TRUSS and TAKE PORT.

Now go West to Soho, UP to Fifi and Roxanne, and have a convivial DRINK. DROP the TICKET, TAKE the WIG and RUN DOWN the stairs to Soho and continue SOUTH to Whitehall.

There you are confronted by Norman Fowler who is determined that you shall not pass. If you DEBAG FOWLER (remember the polish?) you'll find that things look altogether different. Not only that, you'll see a pill.

Off you go NORTH again, back to the Soho staircase and then EAST to Fleet Street. Don't forget to SMILE for the cameraman. You'll also see Jimmy Saville jogging with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Entering TURN should indicate that you have had 59 moves. Time for another DRINK before going EAST to Wobert Wuncie and GIVE PORT. Since you are outside St. Paul's Cathedral, you can see a discarded dog-collar - so TAKE COLLAR.

Now go NORTH to Platform 2 of King's Cross Station where an Intercity 125 train awaits you. CATCH TRAIN and you'll rocket north, past Stevenage.

When you disembark, go West to Windscale and DROP SUIT and WEAR the RADIATION SUIT instead. West again will get you inside Windscale and you'll see a dirty raincoat. Have a DRINK to steady your nerves.

TAKE the RAINCOAT, go EAST and DROP the RADIATION SUIT. TAKE the other SUIT and WEAR it. Then continue EAST and NORTH to Yorkshire where Arthur Scargill threatens to make a speech.

Flee West to King Coal and there, if you GIVE WIG, Arthur will give you a lump of coal. Have a DRINK to celebrate.

TAKE the COAL and go back EAST to Yorkshire, SOUTH and then EAST to the late Pat Wall's Bradford School of Etiquette. BUY TRIBUNE and escape SOUTH to where - just by chance - Prince Andrew is waiting in a helicopter.

GET IN the helicopter and you'll be flown by your dashing chauffeur back to Number 10. DROP the COAL and TRIBUNE, and have a refreshing DRINK.

WEAR the COLLAR, EXAMINE the BED, TAKE the SHEETS, TAKE the (other) SHEETS, KNOT the SHEETS, TAKE the PLUSFOURS and the golf-CLUBS. Next OPEN the WINDOW, go EAST and have a DRINK.

Now go SOUTH to the Thames and then EAST to the Bank. WITHDRAW your MONEY, go back West and DROP the RAINCOAT. Go NORTH, DROP the SUIT and WEAR the PLUSFOURS instead, go SOUTH and have a DRINK.

Continue SOUTHEAST to the golf course and LOOK in the HOLE. TAKE the MOLE that you find and carry on West to the groundsman's hut and TAKE the LAWNMOWER. Now go back EAST to the golf course then NORTHWEST and NORTH to the garden. DROP the LAWNMOWER here and have a DRINK.

DROP the PLUSFOURS, TAKE the SUIT and WEAR it again then DROP the CLUBS and TAKE the LAWNMOWER again and set off for County Hall. SOUTH, SOUTH, UP and SOUTH brings you face to face with Ken Livingstone - so have a DRINK by way of compensation.

DROP the LAWNMOWER and TAKE KEN then TAKE the LAWNMOWER again and go NORTH, DOWN and NORTH. Now go SOUTHWEST to Walworth Road and then NORTHWEST to the Labour Party den and the ci-devant Viscount Stansgate. GIVE Tony Benn the TRUSS and he'll offer you a white flag in exchange. Have a DRINK.

TAKE the FLAG then go SOUTHEAST followed by NORTHEAST to the De Montford building. Now DROP the FLAG and go West to meet Denis Healey: CUT EYEBROWS - it's better than being savaged by a dead sheep, or even a rottweiler in drag, Denis.

Enter TURNS (to see how you're doing) then GO SOUTHWEST to the Liberal headquarters. You'll hear shouts of "Kinnock, Kinnock" so enter WHO'S THERE then have a DRINK.

As a charitable act, FEED CYRIL Smith and then shamble off NORTH, WEST, NORTH to the BBC Studios and Robin Day.

Denis must GIVE KEN to Robin and then go NORTHWEST to Leon Brittan's cell. Here he needs to TAKE the KEY and then THROW IT AWAY before going SOUTHEAST to Shepherd's Bush for a well-earned DRINK. Now it's a question of heading West on the M4 motorway and then SOUTH to Heathrow.

Here we CATCH 747 and - goodness me! - there's Norman Tebbit and a parachute on board: EJECT TEBBIT and you will find yourself in a hotspot and a fairly familiar situation.

EAST takes you to Saudi Arabia and a confrontation with a camel, Geoffrey Howe and your son Mark (where am I?) Thatcher. STOP HOWE and you can then safely ignore your filial favourite.

One move NORTH takes you to the Vatican balcony and the Pope: If you know your good manners and KISS the RING, you'll find yourself instantly transported to Paris. A move West brings you to Francis Mitterand, some French mustard and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Have a DRINK to gather your strength and then TAKE the MUSTARD. TAKE the CAP and TEAR UP CAP - which is something our Minister of Agriculture should have done long ago - and go EAST to a Russian cell. Once the knocking has stopped (Warning - this takes a few lifetimes and you must not hit a key until it does!), LIFT the BUNK.

Now go DOWN into the tunnel and wait to go to the bolt hole with the button. Go UP to Michael Hesseltine, GIVE MOLE and receive a sovereign as a reward: TAKE SOVEREIGN and have a DRINK.

Next go NORTH to Trafalgar Square and then EAST to Bruce Kent. GIVE him the COLLAR and TAKE the "CND" BADGE in return. Now go NORTHWEST to Princess Di in the park and SOUTH to MacDonald's where Casper Weinburger is. PUT MUSTARD on Casper and go SOUTHWEST to Shepherd's Bush, West to the M4 and have another DRINK.

WEAR the BADGE and go West to Greenham Common, West again to Plymouth: Ignore the dreamboat but TAKE the KEY and then CATCH the BOAT to Northern Ireland.

DROP the BADGE here, and TAKE the FOGHORN then go West to Ian Paisley. GIVE him the FOGHORN and have a DRINK. Now go SOUTH to Enoch Powell and the broken treaty. GIVE him the SOVEREIGN and you'll find yourself transported back to London by the banks of the Thames.

TAKE the RAINCOAT and move SOUTHWEST then NORTHEAST. TAKE the FLAG and go SOUTH to the hospital and Sir Keith Joseph. GO BUPA takes you to the phonebox and DIAL 999 before having a medicinal DRINK.

INSERT MONEY to go to the cycleway then get ON BIKE to find Nigel Lawson. Now: TAX CUTS, LESS, SELECT WINCHESTER, TIP and REVOLUTION are the required inputs here, after which you won't be able to see the wood for the trees.

WEAR the RAINCOAT, enter TURNS (to check how you are doing), have a DRINK and weave SOUTH to Mary Whitehouse and a blue film. FLASH, DROP RAINCOAT, go EAST to General Galtieri, GIVE him the FLAG, UNLOCK the DOOR to the Gravedigger's Arms and there you are. It's all over.