Woodland Terror

This game is the sequel to Firienwood, a bit more interesting, though still has random elements, several dead ends, and many locations you can avoid. This time you are given points for selfless bravery. Random monsters still appear. You are given a choice to WAIT or HIDE. You can usually kill single goblins, but beware of when there are three. There is a possibility that as you kill more monsters, you gain in experience, making it easier to kill other monsters. Kill what you cannot avoid. There continue to be too many red herring objects.

You need to help certain people which will lead to getting a certain object you need.

Solve the cryptogram in the tower by substituting each letter with the next one in the alphabet.

In order to get out from the location where the staff is, examine the letters on the silver papers. When rearranged they spell out the "magic" word from the prequel to this game ("neirif") which, when said, has the same effect it did in that game, i.e. it takes you to another location. This is helpful when you are faced with a monster you cannot kill.

The genie appears in various places (in the tower, past the fence, by the stream), apparently randomly. Sometimes you have several moves before he kills you, sometimes not. If you don't have the lamp, say NEIR to get away and go back to where you were.

To get out of the maze wander around until you see the vulture, then go W, S, S, S. To get to the mines, go W, S, E.

Your goal is to find the lamp and imprison the genie.

You begin at the edge of the lake. Go E, TURN WINCH (you drain the lake), N, N, N, N, ENTER (you see a goblin run off with a bag), WAIT (the goblin runs south), S, OPEN DOOR (you will have to pick the lock, PICK LOCK (you have nothing to use), N, UP, TAKE PAPER, EXAMINE PAPER ("erifin"), DROP PAPER, TAKE KNIFE, TAKE SABRE, TAKE GLOVE, WEAR GLOVE, TAKE SCREWDRIVER, TAKE TIN, DOWN, S, PICK LOCK, DROP SCREWDRIVER, S, FREE DWARVES, N, N, E, PUSH WALL (you reveal a hidden chamber), E (the door closes behind you), TAKE HAT, WEAR HAT, TAKE STAFF, NEIRIF (you are transported to the edge of Firienwood), E, E (you see a woman chopping wood), CHOP WOOD (she tells you to get berries for the hermit), W, W, N, W, S, W, TAKE BERRIES, E, N, E, E, N, ENTER (the hermit drops food), GIVE BERRIES (he gives you a key and tells you to search the mines), TAKE KEY, EXAMINE KEY (high voltage), OUT, S, W, W, S, S, W, S, S, W, N (by a tree with a hole), N, IN (you see "vzud rszee") WAVE STAFF, IN, IN, DOWN, S, UP, W, PULL RING (you create an entrance), ENTER (you are back in the hall), N, N, OUT, S, S, S, DOWN, TAKE ORNAMENT, UP, EXAMINE ORNAMENT (shaped like a man and has a hole in the top), S, W, S, S, E, N, N, E (you are back at the tree), ENTER, DOWN, S, FILL TIN, S, UP, UP, E, OPEN DOOR (you need to wear the glove at this point or you will be electrocuted), DROP KEY, ENTER (you see a lamp embedded in a crystal), POUR WATER (the crystal dissolves), DROP TIN, TAKE LAMP, NEIR, N, W, S, S, W, S, S, W, N (by tree), N, S, E, E, S, S, W (you see a vulture), W, S, E (by a fence), IN, E, DOWN, DOWN (you see the genie) RUB LAMP. You are finished.

Terri Sheehan

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