There's been a big car accident, and you, the protagonist find yourself in a lonely street, ambling around looking for several lost items. For some reason this adventure requires you to gather various items and return them to the destination. Unfortunately it doesn't actually tell you what is important, and limits you to a, frankly pathetic 4 items. So we need careful object management.

Anyway, we found ourselves to the south of a lonely street of terraced houses. Start by heading the only way we can, N, onto a drab road. Head E and we can see a newspaper. GET the NEWSPAPER and we may as well READ the NEWSPAPER to see that there's been a terrible car crash.

Interesting, but doesn't tell us much for the moment. So head W and W to get outside of a burnt out house which we can enter. Go IN to the living room. We see that there's a swarm of flies stopping going elsewhere, so SWAT FLIES with the newspaper. The newspaper isn't needed any more, so we may as well DROP NEWSPAPER.

For the moment we don't need to explore the rest of the house, So go back OUT and head back E to the street.

Now head N, N, N, N, N, N and I to find ourselves in the post office. There's a fountain pen here, so GET PEN and head back OUT.

We're now going to grab an object that we'll need later, so go S, E, S, E. Pop IN to the general store, GET the CROWBAR and go back OUT again. Now, head S and S. There's a fakir here stopping us going east, offering a guest book. As we have the pen, SIGN BOOK and go E. Don't drop the pen - it is required as a finishing object.

Leave the warehouse for the moment and continue E, then N, N and E. You should find yourself at the graveyard with a corkscrew (strange place for it). GET the CORKSCREW and head back to the house (W, S, S, W, W, N, N, W, W, S, S, S, S, W, I).

Once there head to the back garden: W, W. Here we can see a ladder, so climb it and follow the route to the end: U, N, N, N and GET BOTTLE. The bottle is corked, so we can open it with the corkscrew; but don't do it yet - we need what's inside it.

Head back into the house: S, S, S, D, E, E and head to the attic: U, U. As the air is very still in here we can OPEN the BOTTLE. We can now DROP the CORKSCREW as its no longer needed and GET the DUST.

We're now totally finished with the house, so go back to the drab street: D, D, O, E. Then head to the white tower (N, N) and THROW the DUST at the spectre. We can enter the tower now, but there's not much point at the moment.

Now we need to get into the tavern's cellar, for this we need to get some oil. So go to the aerodrome hanger: N, N, E, E, S, S, E, E, S, E, S and FILL BOTTLE. Now back to the tavern: N, W, N, W, W, N, N, W, W, W, I. OIL the TRAPDOOR, then OPEN the TRAPDOOR and go D to descend into the cellar.

There's no point in going north at the moment, but we can use some of the stuff here, so OPEN BARRELS and FILL BOTTLE to get some lovely beer. Drinking the beer will give us lots of strength and is used in a couple of places. The first place is at the top of the tower; so let's go there now: U, O, E, S, S, I. Ignore all exits 'til we get to the top of the tower: U, U. We're not strong enough to bend the bars at the moment, so DRINK BEER and BEND BARS and head U. At the top there's a button, not really worth it for the amount of effort we spent. But, it's one of the required items, so GET BUTTON and return to the street: D, D, D, O.

We're pretty much finished with the south side of the village, but as we're carrying our maximum amount of objects we need to make some space by making a stockpile and removing those items that aren't currently needed. Head for the leafy path: N, N, E, N, N and DROP the PEN and DROP the BUTTON.

We need to get past the gnome, but to do this we need more beer; so go back to the cellar: S, S, W, W, I, D and FILL BOTTLE. Now head to the warehouse: U, O, E, E, E, S, S, E, I. Head along the warehouse until you get to the crypt (W, D).

Now to open the tomb: DRINK BEER and OPEN TOMB. We can now DROP the CROWBAR and head into the tomb: I, E, E, E, N. Once in the alcove, GET the STATUETTE and head back to the outside of the abandoned warehouse: S, W, W, W, O, U, E, O.

Before we continue, we're going to make a little detour to allow us to finish the cellar section, go to the chapel: E, N, N, I and FILL BOTTLE with the rainwater. Now, head back to the cellar (O, S, S, W, W, N, N, W, W, W, I, D) and head N.

Head up the ladder and head to the Huge Cavern: U, N, N. There's an electrical forcefield blocking our exit to the west, so THROW WATER to short it out and head W, N, N, W, W. For some strange reason there's a handkerchief here. This is one of our essential items, so GET HANDKERCHIEF. Now we need to go to the oval theatre: E, E, I, W and GET LIGHTER.

We've now finished with the cellar and nearing the end of the game, so, go back to our stash (E, O, S, S, E, S, S, D, S, U, O, E, N, E, N) and DROP the HANDKERCHIEF and DROP the LIGHTER. Whilst we're here we may as well get rid of the gnome: THROW STATUETTE to scare him off.

Time to totally finish with the village: head back to the hangar (S, S, E, S, S, E, E, S, E, S) and FILL the BOTTLE. We're now going to return with a quick detour to pick up another essential, head to the ruined house: N, W, N, I and through to the back garden (S) and GET the RING.

Now let's head back to the stash: N, O, W, W, N, N, W, N, N. We need the lighter before we can continue, so GET LIGHTER and, to save time, get another essential item, GET BUTTON.

Now head to the field of tall grass: N, E, E. We need to get through the oil and the quickest way is to burn it down: so THROW OIL, ON LIGHTER (great choice of verbs) and BURN GRASS. We have finally used the last use of the bottle, so we can DROP BOTTLE.

We're ready to start dropping stuff off in the car; though we must collect one more item. Head W, W, U, I, U and GET COIN.

Now we're going to the car to drop off the first load of items. Head D, O, D, E, E, E, E, S, S, W, I. DROP the BUTTON, RING, LIGHT and COIN. Now, head back to the stash: O, E, N, N, W, W, W, W, S and GET the PEN, STATUETTE and HANDKERCHIEF. The STATUETTE actually contains something vital, so THROW STATUETTE to smash it and GET KEYS.

Now we can head back to the car with a minor detour to pick up the last item, head to the luxury shack: N, E, E, S, I and GET COMB. Go to the car: O, N, E, E, S, S, W, I and if we've got everything, we can just START CAR to finish the game!


In this short adventure we are Daverick Harpmoon, looking for the Philosopher's Stone.

We start in a Forest Clearing with no objects. So, the first thing we need to do is gather some useful items.

Head to the strange, crumbling building (N, N, N, GO BUILDING) and we can see some a club and crossbow. GET EVERYTHING and go D into the crypt and we can see some a cloak and a flute, pick these up by GET EVERYTHING.

Now head to the hole in the forest clearing (U, E, S, S, S, D) and GET the KNIFE that is here. Now north and we can see a chest suspended between the floor and ceiling by a rope. CUT ROPE and the chest falls to the floor and we can now GET the SWORD.

Head N and we see a pixie trapped under a glass dome, with a bone. We couldn't really care about the pixie, but the bone is useful, so we're going to release the pixie. Though if we don't take pre-cautions, the pixie will steal all of our items; so DROP EVERYTHING and GET DOME. Now GET EVERYTHING.

We're about to enter a hot area, so we'll need some protection from the flames, so WEAR CLOAK and head D to meet with a fire-breathing hell hound. We can get rid of the Hound by DROPping the BONE and heading S, S. Here we can see an orc and a wooden-key. Kill the orc with the sword by STABbing ORC and GET WOODEN-KEY.

Before we carry on through the passages, we need to gather some stuff from the forest. Head back to the clearing, N, N, U, S, S, U. Head into the mossy cave (N, GO CAVE) and we can see a snake stopping us advancing. To get rid of the snake, PLAY FLUTE, head W, GET the PLUGS and WEAR the PLUGS (we'll see why in a bit).

Head out of the cave and into the forest (E, E, N, E) to where we see a boulder beast. SMASH the BEAST with the club and carry on E to where we can see a locked casket. UNLOCK the CASKET with the wooden-key and GET the STONE-KEY.

To use the stone-key, head back through the forest, W, W, W, W, W to a clearing where there's a large, locked trunk. UNLOCK the TRUNK with the stone-key and you'll see why we wore the nose plugs. GET the ARROW inside the trunk and LOAD CROSSBOW.

We've now finished with the forest, so head back into the passage: E, E, E, S, S, D, N, N, D, S, S. Head E and we see a door with a target above it, SHOOT TARGET and the door will open. Head E to a T-Junction.

GET the TUBE of potion and head north, where we're told "Say the word to enter". If we take this literally, we can say THE WORD and we find ourselves in a cramped cave with a phial of potion.

The potions have different effects, drinking the tube will double our size and drinking the phial will halve our size, we'll use them in a bit, but for now, head to the south fork of the T-junction (S, S, S) and we can see a gauntlet of ogre power hanging from the ceiling. We can use the potions to get this: DRINK TUBE, GET GAUNTLET, DRINK PHIAL. Whilst we're here, we may as well WEAR GAUNTLET.

Head S and we find our way blocked by a portcullis and several levers. There's only one correct order, and only one way to find out: try it out. For laziness, the correct sequence is: PULL GREEN-LEVER, PULL BLUE-LEVER, PULL RED-LEVER. The portcullis will open.

Head W and we can see a stone golem blocking our route. Now that we have the gauntlet, we can STRANGLE GOLEM and head U.

That's pretty much most of the adventure out of the way, for some reason the rest of it is pretty much flavour text, so I'm just going to take you through the solution. If you explore around a bit, you can find a statue that will tell you how to defeat the dragon, rather than cheating by reading it here.

So, head U, U, U, N, N, E, E, N, D, N, N to the dragon and then KOLLCHOP and the dragon will disappear. Head N and N and we can see the philosopher's stone. To finish the game, just GET STONE.