Start in the SE Corner of Arena, bound to a sturdy post. INV (nothing), REMEMBER (clue in the title - "memory" is an anagram of "myorem").

(Now in an enormous drainage ditch) E, E, PUSH DRUM, TAKE DRUM, W, W, W, W, DROP DRUM, STAND ON DRUM, CLIMB CREEPER, TAKE POINTED TWIG, D, D,W, U (on rubbish), TAKE TIN USING POINTED TWIG (safe this way), D, E, E, E, PUT TIN INTO HOLE (it now blocks the hole, which must be kept blocked!), TAKE BAG, PUT BAG ON HAND, TAKE LID, TAKE TIN WITH BAG, PUT LID INTO HOLE (now lid instead of tin is blocking hole), DROP POINTED TWIG, W, W, STAND ON DRUM, CLIMB CREEPER, CUT CREEPER WITH TIN, Y (you cut off the lower bit of the creeper), SWING WEST, SWING WEST, JUMP (soft landing on rubbish heap), D, E, E, E, TAKE LID, PUT TIN INTO HOLE, REMOVE BAG, DROP BAG, W, W, PUT LID ONTO DRUM, TAKE CREEPER, TIE CREEPER TO DRUM, TAKE DRUM, E, E, E, E, E, E (east end of ditch), JUMP (now safely south of river).

W, TAKE STONE, E, E, S (path in forest), SE, E, SE, W, W, S, S (outside cabin - door barred with plank), W (on path around cabin), S, S, U (on branch), E (on branch overlooking cabin), JUMP (you crash through the roof onto a matress on bed in cabin), D, OPEN EAST DOOR, E (into cupboard - see a small chest and a large chest), CLOSE DOOR, LOOK (see a hook), EXAMINE HOOK, TAKE SMALL KEY, OPEN SMALL CHEST WITH SMALL KEY, EMPTY SMALL CHEST, LOOK (see a bandage and large key), TAKE BANDAGE, TAKE LARGE KEY, OPEN LARGE CHEST WITH LARGE KEY, EMPTY LARGE CHEST, LOOK (see a claw hammer), TAKE HAMMER, TAKE SMALL CHEST, OPEN DOOR, W, DROP ALL EXCEPT HAMMER, STAND ON BED, JUMP (onto branch), W, D, N, N, E (back at door of cabin), LEVER PLANK WITH HAMMER, OPEN DOOR, S, DROP HAMMER, TAKE MATTRESS, N, N, N, E, E, E, DROP MATTRESS, W, W, W, S, S, TAKE PLANK, N, N, E, E, S (clearing in forest - see quicksand to south), DROP PLANK, S (safe if on plank), S, S (swamp), E, TAKE JAR, SW, SE, TAKE LID, SW, TAKE FORKED TWIG, E, S (trail), E, N, N (top of cliff), JUMP (onto mattress placed here earlier), W, W, W, S, S, S (back inside cabin), DROP JAR, DROP LID.

TAKE STONE, TAKE BANDAGE, TIE BANDAGE TO FORKED TWIG (to make a catapult), N, N, N, W, W (deep in jungle), SEARCH, NE, SEARCH, W, SEARCH, S, SEARCH, NW, S (huge clearing), W (outside cave), FIRE STONE WITH CATAPULT (at puma), IN (note puma has returned to outside the cave), TAKE BASKET, JUMP (from cave to land south of river), E, S, SE, E, SE, W, W, S, S, S (back in cabin), DROP ALL, EXAMINE BASKET (contains a map), EXAMINE MAP, TAKE JAR, EXAMINE JAR (full of dirty swamp water), TAKE LID, N, W (path around cabin), S, S, W (fork), W, SW, SW (wide track), S, SE (clearing with pool of clear water), EMPTY JAR, FILL JAR WITH WATER, PUT LID ON JAR, NW, N, NE, NE, E, E, N, N, E, S (back inside cabin).

TAKE MAP, PUT MAP INTO SMALL CHEST, PUT JAR INTO SMALL CHEST, TAKE SMALL CHEST, TAKE BASKET, N, N, N, E, E, NW, NE, N (end of path), U (steps), U, E, DROP SMALL CHEST, N (on rope bridge - okay if not carrying too much weight), N, N, N, N, DROP BASKET, S, S, S, S, S, TAKE SMALL CHEST, N, N, N, N, N, TAKE BASKET, E, E, SE, E, N (open space), WEAR BASKET ON HEAD (as protection when capuchin throw a coconut), TAKE BOULDER, N, REMOVE BASKET, DROP BASKET, E, U, TAKE MAP FROM SMALL CHEST, TAKE JAR FROM SMALL CHEST, READ MAP USING JAR (of clear water as a magnifier), DROP ALL EXCEPT BOULDER, U, N (in mountain range), NW, NE, U, S, SE, W, W, W (mountain pass), U, U, U, U (wide plateau), N (top of spiral steps), DROP BOULDER, PUSH BOULDER (opens door at bottom of steps), D, D, D, D, D (bottom of steps), S, S (through now open door), E (on roadside - you are taken by lorry to a mansion).

Now in the entrance hall of mansion. INV (overalls), EXAMINE OVERALLS (black), WEAR OVERALLS, N, E, U (stairs), U, U (long corridor), N, OPEN EAST DOOR, E (main bedroom), OPEN DOOR (of cupboard), E, TAKE TORCH, EXAMINE TORCH (has a bulb and requires a rectangular battery), TAKE BULB, DROP TORCH, W, W, N, OPEN EAST DOOR, E (large guest room), OPEN DOOR (of cupboard), E, TAKE MAGNIFYING GLASS, W, W, N, OPEN EAST DOOR, E (nursery), OPEN DOOR (of cupboard), E, EXAMINE TOY BOX, TAKE LIGHTHOUSE, EXAMINE LIGHTHOUSE, INSERT BULB INTO LIGHTHOUSE, W, W, OPEN NORTH DOOR, N (store-room), SEARCH, TAKE POWERMATIC, EXAMINE POWERMATIC, S, S, S, S, D, D, W, N, E (library), READ RED BOOK USING MAGNIFYING GLASS (information a bit too late!), DROP MAGNIFYING GLASS, READ YELLOW BOOK (tells you the mansion has a secret passage), READ PURPLE BOOK (tells you the mansion is a short distance from the border), READ GREEN BOOK (the blue book is not relevant to this adventure).

W, N, N, E (top of stone steps), D, D, N (kitchen), EXAMINE TABLE (see a cardboard box), EXAMINE BOX, TAKE SACK, EXAMINE SACK, TAKE RADIO, EXAMINE RADIO, TAKE BATTERY, DROP RADIO, EXAMINE BATTERY (cylindrical), INSERT BATTERY INTO POWERMATIC, WAIT, WAIT (to re-charge battery), TAKE BATTERY, DROP POWERMATIC, INSERT BATTERY INTO LIGHTHOUSE, S, U, U, W, S, S, S, OPEN DOOR (of closet), W, SEARCH, TAKE FIRE EXTINGUISHER, E, N, N, W (lounge), PUT OUT FIRE WITH EXTINGUISHER, EXAMINE HEARTH, EXAMINE LION, PUSH TONGUE (reveals a secret tunnel to the north), N (into dark tunnel which closes behind you), SWITCH ON LIGHTHOUSE, N, THROW EXTINGUISHER NORTH (lands on pressure pad but holds walls apart), N, WAIT (for lighthouse to come on again), N, OPEN TRAPDOOR, U (into garage), SWITCH OFF LIGHTHOUSE, CLOSE TRAPDOOR, OPEN NORTH DOOR, N (inside car), SEARCH, PUSH YELLOW BUTTON (opens the boot of the car), S, CLOSE NORTH DOOR, W, N, IN (boot of car - you close the door and wait), WAIT.

You have won!