Start on the beach of Smuggler's Cove. INV (wearing diving suit and flippers), N, N, N (small cave), DROP FLIPPERS, DIG (find a chest), EXAMINE CHEST (locked, has a numeric keypad on lid), S, E, NE, E, IN (inside beach hut), TAKE TOWEL, EXAMINE TOWEL, TAKE TAG, READ TAG ("Billy"), OUT, W, SW, SW, W (middle beach), READ SIGN, W, NW, N, NE, E, N (long coastal road), READ MILESTONE ("Witherton - 1 mile"), E, E, E, IN (telephone box), TAKE PAGE, READ PAGE (a list of names and numbers - W. Short 640 is the one you want i.e. Billy for short), READ NOTICE (you need a coin), OUT, W, W, W, S, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE, N (back in cave), PRESS 640 (to open chest), EMPTY CHEST, LOOK, DROP SUIT (to remove and drop it), DRY WITH TOWEL, DROP TOWEL, DROP TAG, EXAMINE OVERALLS, TAKE PASS, WEAR OVERALLS, TAKE GLOVES, TAKE COIN, WEAR SHOES, S, SW, W, NW, N, NE, E, N, E, E, E, IN (you return to the telephone box), TAKE RECEIVER, INSERT COIN IN SLOT, DIAL 640 (a recorded message is played to you), PLACE RECEIVER ON TELEPHONE, DROP PAGE, OUT.

W, W, W, W, W, W, W (see guard), GIVE PASS TO GUARD, W, NW, N, NE (outskirts of Witherton), E, E, NW (side street), W, W, S, E (hard rough ground), TAKE CHEESE WIRE, W, N, E, E, SE, S, S (country lane), SE, E, NE, U (onto style), E, E, MAKE SNARE, DROP SNARE, W, U, W, U, E, E (back in field - see snare has caught a rabbit), TAKE RABBIT, TAKE SNARE, W, U, W, NE, N, NW, W (village street), W, W, W (side street again), NW, W, READ SIGN, DROP RABBIT, OPEN GATE (dog picks up the rabbit and lumbers away), N, N, E, N, D, D, IN (flower bed), TAKE CARNATION, OUT, U, U, S, W, S, S, CLOSE GATE, E, SE, E, E, N (wide driveway), U, U, W, N, N, E, WEAR CARNATION, S (central park - your contact acknowledges you and puts his newspaper in the bin), EXAMINE BIN, TAKE NEWSPAPER, READ NEWSPAPER (the times translate into compass directions N, E, NW) N, E, S, S, W, D, D, S (village street, see a spanner), E, DROP OVERALLS, WAIT, WAIT (man throws a spanner at you), WEAR OVERALLS, TAKE SPANNER, EXAMINE SPANNER.

NE (forest road), E, E, E, E. Remember the clue in the newspaper? Go N, E, NW (safe from boar), W (rocky ledge), JUMP (to grassy bank), D (narrow footpath), W, W, READ SIGN, NW, N (entrance to old mine shaft), D, N (low tunnel), TAKE HELMET, EXAMINE HELMET, SWITCH ON LAMP (needs a battery), S, U, S, SE, S, S, IN (inside cabin), TAKE BATTERY, INSERT BATTERY INTO LAMP, EXAMINE BED, TAKE SHEET, OUT, N, N, E, E, E, E, CLIMB TREE, U, E, U (topmost branch overhanging the wall), TIE SHEET TO TREE, CLIMB DOWN SHEET (rough ground, you disturb a swarm of bees), W, DROP HELMET (must keep the battery dry), IN (water trough - completely safe from bees), OUT (bees gone away), TAKE HELMET, E, N, E (flat arid plain), WAIT (until helicopter blades uncover manhole), OPEN MANHOLE, LOOSEN BOLT WITH SPANNER, OPEN MANHOLE, D (low tunnel), CLOSE MANHOLE, WEAR HELMET, SWITCH ON LAMP, N, N, N (see another manhole above), LOOSEN BOLT WITH SPANNER, SWITCH OFF LAMP, OPEN MANHOLE, U (courtyard), CLOSE MANHOLE.

NW, CLIMB TRELLIS, U (narrow ledge), OPEN WINDOW, IN (small grimy room), CLOSE WINDOW, N, W, W, N (store-room), TAKE LAB COAT, S, E, E, E, N (another store-room), TAKE MASK, S, W, N (dining room), U, IN (dumbwaiter), LOWER DUMBWAITER, LOWER DUMBWAITER, OUT, D (rest room), E, S, SW, W, W, S (security office), READ MAP (indicates path through mine field, arrows point S, E, SW, N, N, NE, E), N, E, E, NE, N, E, E, READ SIGN, WEAR COAT, WEAR MASK, E, SE, EXAMINE COMPUTER, W (alcove), WAIT (until man comes and opens the door, thereby giving you the password), E, TYPE ATTACON, OPEN DOOR, S, CLOSE DOOR, S, S (yet another storeroom), STAND ON SCALES, TAKE SCALES, N, E, S, DROP SCALES, STAND ON SCALES, OPEN DOOR, S, CLOSE DOOR, WEAR GLOVES, S (inner lab), STRANGLE PROFESSOR WITH SNARE (also need gloves to protect your hands), LOOK, EXAMINE CORPSE, TAKE PLANS, EXAMINE PLANS, SW, E (another store-room - see a lever), PULL LEVER (to disconnect alarms), W, OPEN DOOR, W (on top of platform), CLOSE DOOR, S, S, D (on fire escape), D, D (rocky path), W, NE, U, U (rocky pinnacle), SIGNAL WITH LAMP (need helmet with battery), D, D, SW, NW, D, D, W (beach, which is mined), S, E, SW, N, N, NE, E (according to map found in security office - now on a long jetty), E, E, JUMP (into motor boat).