CITADEL - The Full Solution Starts Here!

Note: This is not the only way to complete Citadel, but I think it is the best way. And don't expect to complete Citadel straight away. I have given as much help as I can, but several of the arcade elements of the game may require a lot of practice so as not to lose too much energy. Good luck.

Go left to the West Wing (L2,0). Take the Orange and the Yellow Key and go right to the Beach (4,0). Pick up the Red and Pink Key and go to the top of the East Tower (3,5) via the Orange and Yellow door. Go down the rope and get the energy. Go back up the rope and go left until you are on the edge of the tower.

Jump off the tower leftwards and keep the left key pressed whilst falling. When you see the top of the Castle (2,3), press the ESCAPE key before you hit the ground. Keep the left key pressed until you fall on to the blue wall. Go left and knock the switch.

Now go to the Red and Pink Door in the Cellar (L1,D1), then go right and pick up the Ice Crystal. Now go back to the top of the East Tower (3,5). Go down the rope and get the green and light green key. Go back down the ladders until you get to the East Wing (3,1). Hop on to the lift and jump off it to the left when it is at its highest point, into the small gap. Go left and open the green and light green door. Knock the switch and go down to the bottom of the well (2,D4).

The water will be frozen (as you should still have the Crystal). Drop the Crystal. Jump into the gap on the right and go in to the next room. Swim in the water and get the first of three Crowns. Pick up the Crystal, go back up the well and swap the Crystal for the Pink and White key in room (0,1). Go back to the bottom of the well and pick up the Energy and the Egyptian Head. Go up the well until you get to (2,0).

Now make your way to the Wastelands (L5,1). Pick up energy on the way. (Pull lever in room (L3,0) to start the Lift.) Open the Pink and White door and go left to the mountains (L17,1). Pick up the Cannonball. Go back right to the Pyramid (L14,1). Enter the Pyramid via a secret entrance near the top of the right-hand side. Make your way carefully to the bottom of the Pyramid and go underground to (L14,0). Quickly drop the Egyptian Head - this stops the mummies. Go down and pick up the grey bone. Go back up and out of the Pyramid. (Leave the Head.)

Now go to the Witch's House (L7,1) and swap the grey bone for the Green and Yellow Key. Make your way to (L3,1) and then go up the West Tower to (L3,3). Open the Green and Yellow Door. Go up the ladder to (L3,4) and get the Energy. Climb the rope to the top of the Tower (L3,5). Carefully avoid the stars, go right to the top and get the Green Skull. (This can be very tricky and may take a lot of practice!) Jump off to the right and fall off the east side of the Tower. You should land at (L2,3).

You must now temporarily drop the Skull and Cannonball. Go to the Kitchen and drop the Green Skull. Then go to the Arena and drop the Cannonball. Retrace your steps to the screen left of the central Castle (L1,3) and jump onto the Lift. (It is possible but you may find it very tricky!) Jump off it rightwards when it is at its highest point. You should land on the Central Tower (0,3). Go through the door with a 'C' on it. Go down carefully and get the Crystal. Go back through the door and jump off the Castle rightwards. If you time it correctly, you should pick up the Energy.

Now go through the Thorm Maze (0,2) to (1,2) and pick up the Gunpowder. Go to the Arena (1,1) and pick up the Cannonball you previously dropped. Drop the Crystal there and go down the well to (2,D2). Go into the little cranny at the bottom right and walk off the edge rightwards. Keep right pressed and you will find yourself in an alcove. Now aim for the other alcove on the left. Now jump to the ledge on the right. Continue right and you will find the Lab (3,D3). Walk over the Canon twice and it will fire your Cannonball through a wall on the next screen. Carefully go to the right (5,D3) and get the Crystal. Go back to the start screen (The Main Hall (0,0)) and drop the Crystal.

Go left to the West Wing (L3,1) and get the Blue and White Key. Go up to the next screen (L3,2) and get the Trampoline. Go to the Central Castle (0,1) and open the Blue and White Door. Return to the Cellar (L1,D1) and go left to (L2,D1). Swim under water to the left-hand side of the screen. (Pick up the Energy on the way.) Get the Blue and White Key and drop the Trampoline. Keep bouncing until your head hits the roof, then aim to bounce for the corner between the roof and the pillar support. When your head hits this press up and jump. You should find yourself inside the stone. Walk left and you'll find Crown Number 2.

Pick up the Trampoline (and keep the Key), then go back to the Cellar. Now go right to the Prison (3,0) and open the Blue and Light Blue door. Go in and drop the Trampoline. Go back to the Central Castle (0,1) where you opened the Blue and White door. Carry on left until you get to the Freezer (L2,1) and go down to the bottom. Go right taking the bottom passage. Keep going right and you will end up in a little room in the Central Castle (0,1). Pick up the Crystal and go back to Freezer (L1,1). Get the Chicken and go to the Kitchen (L1,2). Drop the Chicken under the Fireplace where it will be cooked by the fire.

Pick up the Chicken (and keep the Crystal) and go to the Temple (12,1) on the Island (which is past the Ocean). Go right to (13,1). Go onto the Table and drop the Crystal. (Leave the Trampoline.) The Crystal will now appear in the Sanctuary (12,2). Now go right to the other side of the Island (18,1) and quickly get the Green Statue; run away from the White Fireball. Go left to (9,1) and climb the rope to the top. Go left and get the Energy. Now take the long journey back to the Prison (3,0).

Jump on the Trampoline to get on to the Chain. (You may have to jump slightly on to the Head up on the left and then press the jump and right key.) Go up and get the Egyptian Head. Go down via the right and get the Energy. Now make your way to the Pyramid again (L14,1). Go down until you get to a screen like (L14,0) and drop the Egyptian Head. Go down again to (L14,3). Walk across the tomb and you will get a Crystal.

Return to the Arena (1,1). Get the Crystal and go to the Temple (13,1). Drop the Crystals and then go to the East Wing (3,2) and pick up the Pink Bone. Then go to screen (L1,0) and pick up the Barrel. Go left to the Witch's House (L7,1). Drop the Barrel and bounce on to her roof and go down her Chimney. (Now it gets tricky!) Go right to (L6,0). Quickly drop the Bones into her Cauldron. (You do this by jumping over the first flame and walking over her Cauldron.) Quickly go back to the screen on the left.

Now go back to the Kitchen (L1,2) and pick up the Green Skull. Go back to the Witch's House (L6,0) and drop the Green Skull into the Cauldron. The Witch will frazzle up. Go right to (L5,0) and get the Energy. Go down to (L6,D1) and get the Crystal. Go to (L7,0). (Again this next bit is tricky!) Shoot the Monk on the ladder and jump into the top left-hand corner of the room. Again you should find yourself inside the stone. Go left and pick up Crown Number 3.

Go back to the Main Hall (0,0) and pick up the Crystal. Go to the Temple (13,1) and drop the last two Crystals. Now go straight up to the Star Port (13,2) and go on top of the Table. You are now being transported to the Alien Planet. (Note that on the new planet there are a new set of co-ordinates.)

As you would expect, this last part of the game is very tricky!

Go right to (1,0), then go up to (1,1), then left to (0,1). Pick up the Red and White Key and go back to (1,1), down to (1,0), then left to (0,0). Go left under the Table to (L1,0). Find a way to the Red and White door and open it. Go left to (L2,0) and pick up the Jewelled Figurine.

Return to the Star Port (0,0), go on top of the Table. You've done it at last. Pat yourself on the back and marvel at this well-earned firework display.

Now see if you can do it again!