CODENAME: DROID - The Full Solution Starts Here!


To complete the game and get the Congratulatory message, you must reach the Z11 Spacecraft without losing a life and without using the "Jump" feature.

Use the mines where possible to kill the droids. This saves your valuable blaster energy. Your supply of mines is replenished to 6 each time you use a lift.

Only destroy the droids if you have to. Don't use your blaster or your mines needlessly.

As you go down the Volgan's defences, pick up all objects.

When droids are inbetween the stomping pillars, stand within shooting distance and fire single shots when the pillar is in the air. (You'll need to time this accurately.) Three or four hits will kill them.

Key To Map

B Button
CR Mystery Crates
DS Computer Disc
E Energy
FUEL Fuel (for Jetpack)
H Herbert Droid
IC Navigation ROM
JP Jet Pack
M Micro Film
P Passcard
PU Plutonium Rods
RA Remote Activator
SP Spanner
SPR Spring
SW Switch

The Solution

Use the map in conjunction with the following instructions. In the most part, follow the arrows shown on the map.

The Surface Defence

Sector 2 - Crawl under the collapsing lift. Go down to Sector 3 via the left lift and collect the mystery crate. Then go up via this lift to sector 1 and collect the Plutonium rods.

Then go back to Sector 3. Get into the Jetpack, collect the Navigation ROM and go down quickly to the Ancient Shrine, Sector 1.

The Ancient Shrine

Make your way to the second Jetpack. Fly over it up to the rope. Then get out of the Jetpack. (Leave the second Jetpack for now - you'll need it on the way back!) Collect everything in this sector, get into the second jetpack and go down quickly to Sector 2.

Collect the Passcard and the Key and go down to Sector 3. Collect the Passcard. Flick the switch and go back to the right. A rope will have extended. Climb it and go and get the Spanner. Go back to the left lift and go up to Sector 2.

Climb the rope and go to the pillar. It will rise up (if you have the Key). Collect the Plutonium rods first and then get the spring. Now go down to Sector 1 of the Crew's Quarters.

The Crew's Quarters And The Missile Factory

Go across the top corridor to the right. Fix Herbert Droid with the Spanner. Go down to Sector 2 and get the Key. Get the Passcard on the way back, go back up to Sector 1, go back along the top corridor and get the Remote Activator and Fuel. The Remote Activator instructs Herbert to raise the broken pipe blocking the way to the crate. Go and get the crate.

Back down to Sector 2, open a wall section near the enclosed Jetpack with your Key. Fly the Jetpack to the Missile Factor (Sector 2) to get the second Spanner. Refuel and get the Passcards in Sector 1 of the Missile Factory and Sector 3 of the Crew's Quarters. Go along Sector 3 collecting all the items.

Go back to the right lift and go down to Sector 1 of the Missile Factory. Climb up to the top, go left and press the first button only. Keep going left, collect the Energy Cell and go down to Sector 2. Go to the right. Crawl under the cranes. Get the Passcard and the Plutonium rods.

Go back to the left lift and go down to Sector 3. Put the Computer Disc in the Computer Terminal. Now make your way to the Spacecraft and requisition it.

And that's it. Well done!