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Written By Steve Evans

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Your mission is to rescue your six fellow earthmen stranded below on the lunar surface. On your command, the hatch of the mothership opens and you begin the hazardous journey through a storm of moving asteroids. As you land your craft, a survivor will race to his rescue and once boarded the ship will take off automatically. But the danger has not yet ended.

As the asteroids change to hostile alien ships, you need to be even more alert and use your blaster to clear your path. Finally, guide your craft to the mothership and successfully complete the delicate docking manoeuvre and your first survivor is home to safety, but don't forget his friends are still on the planet surface below!

Start with 3 craft.


1,000 points for rescuing all six men. Bonus points for fuel remaining after each rescue. At 3,000 points, extra craft.

High resolution graphics and imaginative sound effects.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right
RETURN - Release from mothership/Upward thrust when descending/Fire when ascending (Speeds up ascent if held down)