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Released By Alternative (Actual Author Unknown)

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Britain's No. 1 Football Management Game

  • Four Divisions
  • FA Cup
  • European Cup
  • Cup Winners' Cup
  • Full Game Save

Ever fancied yourself as the Manager of a Football team? Ever thought "Why did they buy him?" or "He's a useless manager, I could do better than that!"? Well, now's your chance. Test your decision making and managerial skills with Alternative Software's Football Management game Soccer Boss.

Tips For New Managers

Players move in and out of form - so keep an eye on their skill ratings, take care in the transfer market - a player with a skill rating of 1 costs £10,000, but selling him will only earn you £7,500. If an injury crisis strikes and you can't afford new players, you can play a goalkeeper out of position - but his skill level will plummet!