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Written By Jason Sobell & Kevin Blake

Cover Art
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Light years from Earth lies the rusting hulk of the Xxabanean flagship, disabled while on its mission to vapuourise our planet by the super-heroine Space Agent Zelda! She managed to destroy its power source, but was captured in the attempt and locked away in the depths of a distant and desolate asteroid. You, as Space Agent Starman, must penetrate the defences of the ship and collect the 25 keys required to free Zelda from her intergalactic prison.

"But beware. Some of the old Xxabanean booby traps are still in operation and strange alien creatures have moved into the empty hulk. You only have five refills of oxygen and your limited supply is depleted more quickly by collisions with objects and creatures. You must find the keys before it runs out.

"This package contains a BBC-B version and an Electron version. This is a flicker-free zone and a no-go area for nasty small sprites!

"Here's what the critics said about Bug Eyes... "'Flipped!' Home Computing Weekly Top Rating "'The graphics are superb,' Electron User."

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, : - Up (in lift), / - Down (in lift)
Q/S - Music Off/On