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Written By Peter Scott

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Arcade adventure, starring Clement, the Ordanoid droid! Clement is droid no. 490 of the ordanoid class BA2 - a type of droid commonly used by humans to take care of the running fo distant planets. When the Ordanoid design was superceded by the more efficient Proleoid design, batches of Proleoids were sent off to help the Ordanoids run the planets. But due to an unforeseen design fault, the Proleoids started to improse their will on the Ordanoids until all the Ordamoids were destroyed - all, that is, except Clement - the Last of the Free!

Clement's mission, whispered to him in the dying words of the Elder-oid, is to escape from the Proleoids and make it to the teleport so that he can get to Earth and warn his human controllers about the defective Proleoids. The road to freedom is full of dangerous Proleoids, and littered with obstacles to avoid and puzzles that must be solved. Apart from his ability to run and jump, Clement has only one advantage - he can carry and use objects that he finds in order to help him, but he can only carry one at a time.

Using Objects

The puzzles range from simple to complex. To open a door, just enter the screen with the right key and press * to use it. You don't need to be right next to the door. However, some puzzles involve standing on or near to obstacles, or dropping objects near obstacles.


The scoring system includes 10 point bonuses for every new screen explored, 150 points for basic puzzle solving with up to 1,000 points for more complex puzzles, and 2,000 for escaping at the end. You get five lives to start with.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, RETURN - Jump, ? - Pick Up or Drop
* - Use Object, Q/S - Sound Off/On, T - Turn Just Tune Off
ESCAPE - Quit Game, COPY/DELETE - Pause/Restart