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Released By Blue Ribbon (Actual Author Unknown)

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Step up to the ocky and enjoy all the fun of competition darts with this high resolution version by Blue Ribbon. A choice of three popular dart games: 501, Round the Board and Cricket. All available in this package.


Enter start score - usually 501 or anything up to 1001. Each player has three darts in turn. You must finish on a double.

Round The Board

Degree of Difficulty - Singles/Doubles/Trebles.
Start at 1 and finish with outer bull followed by inner bull.


Player 1 tries to score as many runs as possible while Player 2 aims for the outer or innre bull. Inner = 2 Wickets, Outer = 1 Wicket.

Player 1 continues to score until Player 2 has scored 10 Wickets. The roles are then reversed.

Time Limit

Quick reactions are necessary as time is limited.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, : - Up, ? - Down
SPACE - Throw Dart, ESCAPE - Change game