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Written By Mike Williams

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Having made it rich from your last Diamond Mine, you have invested all your wealth into opening an even bigger mine. Your task is to collect all the diamonds lying in the mine. To help you keep the winch motor going you have a robotic assistant called 'Diamo'. He keeps the motor going until he runs out of energy or until all the diamonds have been collected on that level.

To collect the diamonds, you must direct the vacuum pipe through the mine shafts using the control keys. Each one collected is sucked up to the top into storage. To complete the level, you must collect all of the diamonds.

If this all sounds too easy, remember that keeping an "eye" on the situation are the mine's inhabitants. If they touch your pipe a life is lost - Attack them from the sides with your pipe! They will then be sucked up, but in time they will re-appear, so watch out!

If you go back on yourself or you try to cross your pipe, a life is lost. To retract your pipe, press RETURN. The pipe retracts for as long as you press RETURN or until it reaches the top.

Each level gets harder to complete and after level 10, the screens become invisible making the task that much harder.

Good luck!

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down, RETURN - Retract Pipe
f0 - Sound, f1 - Quiet