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Released By Blue Ribbon (Actual Author Unknown)

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You are Screwball and you have 60 seconds to change the colour of all the squares that surround you (by simply jumping on them).

Menacing you all the time, however, are the Black Bugs ... and they sure are mean. They even cheat by sometimes not even walking on the squares.

If they catch you, then I'm afraid you lose a life. Kill the bugs by digging holes for them to fall through. If you really are in a fix then as a last resort you may hyperspace to the top of the grid ... but you won't always survive your journey.

Game Controls

A - Up/Left, Z - Down/Right, * - Up/Right, ? - Down/Left
SPACE - Dig Hole, RETURN - Hyperspace
S/Q - Sound On/Off, DELETE/COPY - Freeze/Unfreeze Game


50 Points for each square change
500 Points for killing a Black Bug
Bonus Screwball each level