Jafa Systems' Mode 7 Display Unit
"You can print all teletext characters, colours and graphics on the Mode 7 screen and you can even poke it directly if you wish. As a test I borrowed half a dozen BBC discs from the Micro User team and booted them up on the Electron. They all worked. In fact, no matter how they were written - legally or illegally - they produced a perfect display every time."

- Roland Waddilove, Electron User, August 1987

What It Does

The JAFA SYSTEMS MODE 7 DISPLAY UNIY is a large 34cm x 9cm x 5cm expansion for the Acorn Electron. It connects to the edge connector of the Acorn Electron or the ACORN PLUS 3.

Within the unit are the chips identical to those used within the BBC B and Master 128 series for the low-memory Mode 7 Teletext displays. These were not included in the Acorn Electron when released, and Electron owners were subsequently envious of this extra 'Mode' which their BBC-owning friends had access to. BBC games which used Mode 7 produced odd displays on the Acorn Electron.

The Jafa Systems Mode 7 Display Unit provides conntectors for output to a television or a CUB-style monitor. Intriguingly, when this unit is connected, Acornsoft and Adventure International games run in Mode 7. Adventure games for the BBC designed in Mode 7 (e.g. those by Level 9 Software) also now run on the Electron.

Artwork And Images

The original Jafa Systems Mode 7 Display Unit interface from front and rear. The latest version of ElectrEm emulates an Acorn Electron with this interface (but rather dubiously).

Front View
[Connects to Acorn Electron/Acorn Plus 3]
Back View
[Connects to Acorn Plus 1/Other Devices]

"Super Upgraded Electron"
[64K Electron With Mode 7 Display Unit]
"Super Upgraded Electron"
[64K Electron With Mode 7 Display Unit]

Downloadable Companions To The MODE 7 DISPLAY UNIT

If you are missing any of the components originally bundled with the interface then you can download them by clicking on the links below:

Author: Jafa Systems
Release Information: 1987: MODE 7 DISPLAY UNIT, Jafa Systems
Language: English
No. Of Pages: 10
File Type: Microsoft Word Document (Complete)
Suitable For: Electron Fitted With Mode 7 Display Unit Expansion

Price Guidance

The Jafa Systems Mode 7 Display Unit was originally available by mail order only from Jafa Systems for £79. However, it was produced in a very limited quantity as Jafa developed a much cheaper ROM version within the year. This physical unit, working and cased, is one of the most sought after expansions produced for the Acorn Electron and the only one which has ever been auctioned on eBay fetched a winning bid of £132.