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Written By John Chayter

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The object of the game is to keep the Generator, situated in the bottom right of the factory, filled with oil. If the oil level, shown at the bottom of the screen, gets too low the lights will start to flicker and eventually the Generator will stop.

To oil the Generator you must guide Felix down the ladder, along the conveyor belt jumping over packages, up past the Gremlins to the oil can and then back to the Generator. To help you past the Gremlins, use the pitchfork which is hanging on the wall somewhere and run at the Gremlins knocking them off the walkway.

Another hazard in the factory is the Giant Rat. This will run across a level from time to time. A bag of rat poison is provided which you can jump up to grab. This can be dropped on any of the walkways, and if the Rat runs into it you get a 1000 point bonus. You can jump over the Rat but you cannot jump over the Gremlins.

You can only carry one object at a time, and you drop the oil can if you can run into a wall or fall over on the conveyor belt. If you trip over the packages on the conveyor, you will be given the chance to get up again, but if you reach the edge of the screen you will lose a life.

An extra life is awarded when you reach a score of 3000 points.

Game Controls

P - Left, Cursor Down - Right, A - Up, Z - Down, Cursor Up - Jump/Drop