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Written By David Elliot

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Your mission is to raid an Alien base to destroy its Central Nucleus. Firstly, however, there are several stages to overcome. You command a highly manoeuvrable assault ship equipped with a rapid-fire laser cannon plus a limitless supply of Tyrex bombs. Keep an eyes on your fuel level which is constantly decreasing. This can be replenished by blowing up the enemy fuel dumps.

Points are scored for destroying the radar scanners, rockets, ack-ack batteries and bouncing space-mines.

The mission, i.e. the level of difficulty, can be selected by pressing keys A to D. Also, you can jump to any stage in a mission by pressing keys 1 to 5.

Game Controls

< - Left, > - Right, S - Up, X - Down, M - Laser, A - Drop Bomp
2/1 - Sound On/Off, ESCAPE/SPACE - Pause On/Off

The move, laser and drop bomb keys can be redefined before the game starts by pressing RETURN. Press SPACE to start game.