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Written by Peter Brown

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Note: For a long period of time, these instructions for OMNISCIENT were missing. This drove EUG to appeal for them - this article, and a screenshot map, can be found here.

This game is centered around a fat wizard charged with the task of collecting the eight Talismen of Knowledge stolen by an evil witch from the ancient university of Wizardry. Together these Talismen will give the witch all the powers of the omniscient wizards, so understandably the wizards are none too happy.

It is rumoured that these items can be found in a large set of caves protected by a magical field. To destroy this barrier and escape, the Talismen must be offered at the altar where they will be returned to their rightful setting. In doing so you will complete your rapid rise up the hierarchy and you too will become Omniscient. Fail and your fate will be worse than death.

Game Controls

: - Up, / - Down, X - Left, C - Right, RETURN - Drop/Take object, U - Use object in pocket 2
COPY/DELETE - Pause/Resume game, S/Q - Toggle sound

There are 32 screens arranged in an 8 x 4 grid and each screen has dimensions of 16 x 16 cells. Inhabiting the caves are the usual selection of nasties which can be divided into three types:

Springs-bounce up and down between two walls
Robots-oscillate from side to side in the same way as the springs
Furry-the most dangerous as he moves randomly and has a nasty bite

All these adversaries will drain you of one unit of energy each time you touch them.

Energy is shown by the coloured bar at the right of the screen. You die when this reaches zero.

When your energy rating enters the green zone the screen will flash green once and similarly each time you lose energy in the red zone. There are also some static nasties around such as the red mushrooms and the force field. Both of these obstacles will drain your energy if you come into contact with them. However, if you are holding the bubble shield - to be found later in the game - they are harmless.

Objects can be dropped anywhere. When you pick up an object the previous contents of pocket two are discarded and the object in pocket one moves to pocket two. Your new find is then put into pocket one. You can only use the object in pocket two.

You'll find that most objects need to be actively dropped or used but some are used automatically.

1. After you go over a pentangle once it does not disappear. Leave all the wands beside their pentangles so that you can always get through a door without having to carry a key constantly.
2.To get two objects over a pentangle take one over with the wand and drop it to one side. Go back over the pentangle and collect the second object. Take it over and retrieve the first object dropping the wand.
3.Always aim to have full pockets. You can nearly always be carrying something and this saves time and energy
4.Not all walls are solid!