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Released By Stell (Actual Author Unknown)

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Identikit - Choose from a range of features and build up a face on the screen. Then you can make the eyes wink, the ears wiggle and the mouth smile - great fun for children, 2-8 years old.

Identikit is an entertaining introduction to the computer for children of 2-8 years old. The idea of the game is to select from a range of features and build up a face on the screen. Only two keys are used in selection, making it simple for the youngest child. Fifteen thousand different faces can be made. Once a face is complete, section 2 allows it to become animated. The child can wiggle the nose, wink the eyes, make the mouth smile, etc. The same simple 2 keys selection process is used.

Section 3 is a memory test. This will probably be suitable for older children only. The computer will display a face on the screen for 30 seconds. The child must now try to put the same features back on the face.

Use SPACE and RETURN in the usual way to select the features. When you think the face is correct, press any of the red function keys (Electron owners press function key 1), and the computer will tell you how many you got right. Now press SPACE to return to section 1.