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Written By Matthew Atkinson & Tim Tyler

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Repton conquer the world.

After the success of Repton 3, we were overwhelmed with requests for us to publish another set of screens for the game. We have now produced another 40 new screens which, although enticingly amusing, are even trickier to complete than the original 24 screens of Repton 3.

These new screens feature Repton voyaging around the world. In America, Repton is a sheriff with a penchant for hamburgers and whisky; his job is to jail all the bandits and avenge the Red Indians. The Arctic sees Repton as an eskimo being "hotly" pursued home to his igloo by polar bears and penguins. Across to the Orient, and Repton is a kung-fu master amongst the pagodas, rickshaws and Chinese dragons. Repton becomes a deep-sea diver in the Oceans; he searches for pearls around the rotting shipwrecks which are inhabited by dangerous octopuses and squids. Finally, in Africa, Repton reaps his rewards by defeating the tribesmen, caging the parrots, and collecting the apples, bananas and pineapples - whilst watching out for falling coconuts!

Playing Instructions

Around The World In 40 Screens has, as the name suggests, a total of 40 screens. These are provided as five cassette files with eight game screens in each:

File 2: ARCTIC
File 3: ORIENT
File 4: OCEANS
File 5: AFRICA

The AMERICA file is loaded automatically when the game is first loaded.

The AMERICA, ARCTIC, ORIENT, OCEANS and AFRICA are on side 2 of the cassette. To load any of these files, simply select the "L" option on the main game screen, and enter the appropriate filename.

Game Objective

In order to succeed in your journey Around the World you must complete each of the 40 screens without using any passwords. Each new set of characters is based upon the original Repton 3 characters.

For the AMERICA screens, you will notice that the rock and the diamond have been replaced with a wagon-wheel and a hamburger respectively. Therefore, on the AMERICA screens, Repton pushes the wagon-wheels (as if they were rocks) and collects the hamburgers (as if they were diamonds).

Similarly, on the OCEANS screens, the monster and the spirit have been replaced with an octopus and a squid respectively. So Repton is chased by octopuses (instead of monsters) and squids (instead of spirits).

To avoid confusion, the following game instructions refer exclusively to the original Repton 3 characters.

To complete the game, you must carefully determine your routes through each screen in turn, with the aim of defusing the time-bomb by passing over it. However, before the time-bomb can be defused, you must first:-

  1. collect all the diamonds (including those concealed in safes or cages),
  2. collect the golden crown, and
  3. kill all the monsters.

Each screen has a time-limit and, if you do not complete the screen within this time-limit, the time-bomb will explode and you will lose a life. Repton can, however, travel backwards in time because whenever a time-capsule is collected, the time-bomb's clock is reset.

Each screen comprises a series of puzzles. Many of these are interlinked and you may have to solve a number of small puzzles to enable you to tackle a large one. The puzzles may, in some cases, seem impossible - but we assure you that Around the World can be completed.

Rocks will fall if unsupported and should one land on you it will kill you. You must also avoid the monsters, spirits, skulls and fungus - contact with these is fatal.

When an egg falls, it cracks upon landing and a monster hatches out. The monsters are killed by pushing or dropping rocks onto them.

There may be up to eight spirits on each screen. They always follow the walls to their left until they reach a cage. When a spirit enters a cage, it changes into a diamond. A spirit may become dazed if you drop a rock onto it or collect all the diamonds immediately surrounding it. This is to be avoided as the spirit will then move endlessly in a small circle.

Watch out for the poisonous fungus which grows incessantly sealing your fate. Trap it in by surrounding it with rocks if you can, or you may never live to collect the golden crown.

Your route may be blocked by a safe. If so, you must locate a key which will open all of the safes on the screen revealing a diamond within.

Each screen may have a maximum of four transporters. They cause you to be rematerialised at some other location on the screen, but each transporter can be used once only.


5 points ............. for collecting a diamond
20 points ............... for killing a monster
50 points .............. for collecting a crown

The Repton 3 Series Editor

Full instructions for the editor package supplied with this game are detailed under Repton 3 .

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down, M - View Map (Screens A-E only)

ESCAPE - Kill Yourself (Useful if you become trapped), SHIFT-R - Restart Game
P - Enter Password, L - Load Data File, S/Q - Sound On/Off
K - Select Keyboard Control, J - Select Joystick Control (Plus 1 Interface)
F - Select Joystick Control (First Byte Interface)