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Written By Kevin Edwards & Martin Galway

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If you survived Galaforce, then you may have the necessary skill and daring to succeed in Galaforce 2.

The aliens attack in precise preconceived formations with each Galaxy comprising several such formations. There are a total of 16 Galaxies. You must pilot your spaceship, carefully avoiding the aliens, or shooting them whenever possible. Some aliens have to be hit more than once to destroy them.

Watch out for the alien Capsules. You collect a Capsule by colliding with it or by shooting it twice. You will then gain a special feature. Some features are helpful, e.g. extra laser power, extra life; others are harmful, e.g. no firepower, slow ship movement. The feature remains effective until another Capsule is collected or until a life is lost.

The Capsules are released in a fixed sequence throughout the game, so keeping a note of their occurence and features can be very helpful in completing your mission.

You have three spaceships to start with, but can have a maximum of five.

Game Controls

When on the Header Screen, you can select whether to play the 1-player or the 2-player game by pressing the CTRL key. You can also select the Galaxy you wish to start on, provided that you have already completed that Galaxy. To select a galaxy, press RETURN on the Header Screen, then move up or down the Galaxies using the Cursor Up and Cursor Down keys.

The game may be played with a joystick or from the keyboard, using the following keys:

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down, RETURN - Fire
K - Keyboard/Joystick Selection, J - First-Byte/Plus 1 Joystick Selection
SPACE - Start Game, S - Sound On/Off, P - Pause On/Off, ESCAPE - Quit Game