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Written By Peter Scott

Cover Art
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Opening Screen
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The objective of the game is to construct the Flynche machine by collecting all 20 parts (light blue in colour), whilst avoiding or shooting aliens.

There are springs to bounce on, lifts and extending platforms to stand on and teleport machines (marked with a T) to transport you from location to location. When using a teleport machinee, you must enter the number of the teleport machine to be transported to - so you must have been there before (try 21151 to get you started).

The red bar at the top of the screen indicates your energy; the yellow bar your laser gun energy. You start with 5 lives. If you score above 1000 points you will enter the high score table; enter your name when prompted.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, RETURN - Jump, SHIFT - Fire Laser Gun
? - Teleport, SPACE - Pause, Q - Quit Game (When Paused)

N.B. When using a BBC Master computer, always switch off the computer after playing the game before loading any other program.