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Written By Martyn Howard

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Over 100 Screens full of Challenging Puzzles and Awesome Foes!

By practising acts of benevolence and goodwill, you have offended the evil wizard Caldeti. Summoning forth his satanic powers in order to extract retribution, he has cast two powerful spells upon you: (1) you have been reduced to the size of a dwarf; (2) Caldeti has banished you to one of his old homes, the 'Palace of Magic'.

The palace and its surrounding land is littered with magical objects and mysterious creatures. It is rumoured that there is also a hidden transporter - your only means of escape from this enchanted place.

After exploring the rooms of the palace, you should venture forth through the enclosing woodland: towards the ancient church and the eerie dungeons, or over the river to the princess's house.

On your journeys, you will encounter many strange animals and people including rock mosnters, gremlins, imps and guards. Some are good and some are evil. You will need to decide who you can trust to help you in this arduous quest.


You have unwisely offeneded the evil wizard Caldett and he has cast two powerful spells upon you:

  1. You have reduced to the size of a dwarf;
  2. Caldeti has banished you to one of his old homes, the "Palace of Magic".

The Adventure

You start your adventure in the main hall of the palace. An energy bar is shown at the top-left of the game screen; if your energy reduces to zero you will soon die. Your percentage score, a counter, the room name and co-ordinates are also shown at the top of the screen. You can carry at most two objects at any time.


Keys open doors of the same type as the key. When a door is opened, both the door and the key disappear.


Only those objects found on coloured bases may be picked up. These include: keys, treasure chests and gold bars. Some of these will disappear when they are used. In some situations you may need to put down one object in order to pick up another object. Objects may only be put down onto coloured bases.


Energy is gained by collecting the magical top hats. Energy is lost by colliding with adversaries, going through fire and by spending too long under water. Energy is also gradually lost as you wander around.

If you are losing energy quickly you will be magically transported back to the point at which you entered the current room. Almost all of the screens can be traversed without losing any energy. If you collect all of the top hats, you will have ample energy to complete the entire adventure.


Draw a map and work out the most efficient routes. Try to find alternative routes which bypass aggressive adversaries.

Collect all of the top hats, but try to plan your routes so that you collect each top hat when your energy is getting quite low - in this way, none of the top hat's magic will be wasted. Take your time and use to "pause" key to plan your next moves.

Remember, no object is useless! With patience and careful thought, you should be able to logically solve all of the problems and puzzles that you encounter.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down, RETURN - Jump
SPACE - Pick Up/Drop Object

S/Q - Sound/Quiet, COPY/DELETE - Pause On/Off, ESCAPE - Quit Game