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Written By Chris Roberts & Philip Meller

Cover Art
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Opening Screen
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The Story

For many years, a war has ensued between the Allied Nations and the Volgans. The battle was reaching a stalemate position, but recently the Allies, through good intelligence and some luck, have managed to obtain the plans of the Volgan's next offensive. If the Allied Forces can capitalise on these plans they can end the impasse and the war. You play the role of Commander John Stryker commissioned to take this top-secret information to the Allies' HQ.

The Game

You can jump, run, duck, fire your laser pistol and throw grenade. You can take nine hits before you are killed; your hits-status is shown at the top-left of the screen. On your journey across the battlefields you will find various air vehicles, which you can enter and fly. You may utilise their superior_acornsoft weaponry, but remember, different vehicles have different abilities (e.g. some climb faster than others, some only fire laser and do not drop bombs). All ar vehicles have a limited amount of fuel.

Along your path you will also meet Allied soldiers (in green uniforms) and Volgan soldiers (in white uniforms), and you will see air vehicles battling against each other. Sometimes it is useful to let Allied soldiers to do some fighting for you.

Your opponents, the Volgans, have a variety of weapons at their disposal comprising rifles, pistols grenades, machine-guns, mortars, mines, helicopter gunships, rocket launchers and SAM missiles. Watch out for the land mines!

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Jump/Move aircraft up, ? - Duck/Move aircraft down
RETURN - Fire pistol/aircraft gun, SPACE - Throw grenade/Drop bomb from aircraft
CTRL - Enter/Leave aircraft
P/O - Pause On/Off, S/Q - Sound On/Off