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Written By Peter Scott

Cover Art
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Opening Screen
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Game Objective

Back with a vengeance! Born in a time of peace, lived in a time of war, the shadow warrior returns. Leaping the abyss of time he comes to fulfil his destiny!

DATELINE:   1990    THE PLACE:   Downtown New York
THE QUEST: To destroy the eternal evil........Kunitoki!

If you enjoyed The Last Ninja, you'll go crazy over LAST NINJA 2. Lots more fiendish adversaries, more colourful screens with superb graphics, a score-line, a timer...and lots and lots more exciting Ninja action. Are you ready for the thrills and skills of the Ninja in crime-filled Manhattan? Can you survive the six action-packed levels?

You start in the notorious Central Park, with thugs, police and bees to get past, and a map, a pick and a hamburger to collect. In desperation you punch the wall! Now to The Street, littered with down-and-outs and meths bottles. Take care in The Sewers to avoid the darkness and the crocodile. On to the forbidding opium factory in The Cellar and then to The Office and a secret computer code. And finally to Kunitoki Castle with its immortal adversaries and the trickiest puzzle of all!

Game Controls

Z - Up-Left, ? - Down-Left, * - Up-Right, X - Down-Right
J - Small Jump, K - Medium Jump, L - Large jump

When not holding a weapon:
RETURN & Z - Pick Up, Crouch & Block, RETURN & ? - Kick
RETURN & * - Punch, RETURN & X - Pick Up, Crouch & Block

When using a sword, numchukas or stick:
RETURN & Z - Hit or Stab Across, RETURN & ? - Hit or Stab Down RETURN & * - Hit or Stab Up, RETURN & X - Hit or Stab Across

When using a Shuriken Star (or holding a throwable object):
RETURN & Z - Throw Left, RETURN & X - Throw Right

Note : You can keep the RETURN key depressed all the time in combat.

P - Pick Up, Crouch & Block, SPACE - Select Weapon, H - Hold Object
COPY/DELETE - Pause On/Off, S/Q - Sound On/Off, SHIFT-ESCAPE - Quit Game