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Written By Ian Grimstead & James Wilkes

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Vertigo has five levels, each consisting of ten different weird and wonderful screens. To complete a screen you need to guide your bouncy ball (the perfect octahedron) until it captures the diamond, or other valuable, which may be itself moving around. You must avoid contact with any roaming black demon balls. A fixed number of points is given for each screen you complete (which increases with level), plus time bonus points. You start with three lives, but extra lives can be gained as you progress, up to a maximum of five lives.

To practise difficult screens you can use the passwords, or by pressing SPACE (or FIRE if using joystick), you can restart on the last screen attempted. To start at screen 1 of level 1, press the 1 key.

The overall objective is to complete all fifty screens in sequence, without using passwords or the restart facility. If you succeed, write to Superior Software describing what happens after you complete the final screen, and you will be sent a signed congratulatory certificate.

Game Controls

A - Up/Left, * - Up/Right, ? - Down/Left, Z - Down/Right
P - Enter Password, SPACE - Start Game
COPY/DELETE - Pause On/Off, ESCAPE - Quit Level