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Written By Robert Graves

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Robert Graves, Han well, London

Airbrush is not another sketchpad routine. The problem with those is that they lay colour too thickly and too uniformly in neat straight lines - leaving the finished artwork looking just like it's been drawn on a computer. Airbrush, however, allows colour to be built up on an area, laid randomly in a fine spray of colour. The size of the area over which you spray can vary from a single pixel's width - giving a performance similar to the sketchpad program on the Welcome tape - right up to approximately half the screen.

The results are much more realistic than usual, as shading is now possible, the colours achieve an un-computerish "texture" - though higher resolution graphics would achieve this even better - and, with care, even a certain amount of colour mixing is possible.

Unfortunately, this version doesn't allow for pictures being saved or stored for later use, and it can only be used with a joystick. The procedure "j-scan" could easily be modified to work with the cursor keys, though, and any occurrence of ADVAL(0) throughout the program replaced with a line looking for, say, the Return key.