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Written By Chris Carr

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Chris Carr gets his own back with a BBC Micro

One big advantage of the BBC Micro is its ability to translate 6502 mnemonics straight into machine code with its built in assembler. This program, which will run on any 32K BBC Micro, uses the assembler to create a fast-action machine code arcade game. On execution, a title page is displayed, which explains the controls and prompts any key to start.

A special screen handling routine is used to generate the multi-coloured graphics characters which swoop down and attack your laser base, dropping bombs as they go. You must use all your skill and a rapid-firing laser to blast the aliens out of the sky. The program also features envelope-defined sound effects, on screen scoring and mutant aliens for extra points.

Each alien hit scores 10 points with a bonus of 50 points when a screen is cleared, after which the stock of aliens is replenished and the speed of the game increases.