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Written By David Quinney

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Opening Screen
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Back Beat

David Quinney, Solihull, West Midlands

This program, with a bit of skill, will produce a reasonable backing beat. A lot of the program could be cut down in length, but in its present state it is much easier to read and thus debug after entering.

The program is written in Mode 1 due to the size of the screen and has sixteen steps each which will produce four different beats simultaneously. The 16 steps can be decreased by altering the two stars at the edge of the screen. The main instructions are included in the program.

Program Description

Lines Description
110-230 Main loop for entering
240-490 Instructions
500-580 Set up variables
590-810 Draw screen
820-980 Move cursor, update screen
990-1130 Play beat pattern
1140-1200 Speed
1210-1230 Move step pointer
1240-1410 Save beat pattern
1420-1580 Load beat pattern
1690-1660 Draws pattern after saving or loading
1670-1730 Clear beat pattern
1740-1750 Error routine


A%, B% - co-ordinate of cursor
O% - step pointer
L% - speed
M%(3,15) - array for beat pattern