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Written By Keith Miles

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Backgammon enables the user to play against the computer and instructions are included within the program. Briefly, the program plays the traditional rules of backgammon, including the use of a doubling cube. The points are labelled alphabetically from A to X. The dice are shown graphically as is whether the player or the computer has the doubling cube.

Moves are made by entering two pairs of information comprising the point from which a piece is to be moved and the destination point for each dice.

For example, a six and three are thrown. To move a piece six places from the C point and a piece three pieces from the F point type C:I F:I. To move the piece the full nine places of the throw type C:I I:L. To return from the bar use the down arrow key as the point references. To bear off use the up arrow key as the destination.

The player must use both throws of the dice if at all possible. If this is not possible simply press Return after entering the move possible - if any can be made.

The program checks for legal moves and will not allow the player to cheat. The computer plays a strong game and on the lower levels will enable the novice to become familiar with backgammon. On the higher levels it presents a challenge for even the experienced player.

The program itself is written in compressed form.