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Written By J. Burman & J. Powell

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Backpack Bozo

J. Powell & J. Burman, Cape Town, South Africa

Backpack Bozo is a game for the BBC Micro Model B or Model A with 32K. It is mostly written in BBC Basic with a small section of machine code. Due to the advanced nature of the BBC Basic it will be difficult to convert to any other computer.

The aim of the game is to fly Backpack Bozo around the screen squashing the mutated scorpions and landing on the bonus fuel tanks. Your fuel will decrease as you jet around the screen. When your score reaches 4,000, the gravity will double and you will get an extra man. It is advisable not a land on the ground as it is highly acidic and will eat through your suit. As the game progresses the scorpions will move faster and faster.

Before you enter the program, type in the following line:

*KEY 0 |!u

Whenever you see an italic "u" in lines 350, 370 and 1370, press the red function key f0.