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Written By Shingo Sugiura

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First the good news. This game is original, fast, and has good graphics and sound. Now the bad news. It only works with OS 1.2, is hyper-long, and needs a second player.

The game involves two cycles - no, it is not Tron! - on the electric grid. The grid is inhabited by creatures called Pulses and you must avoid these at all costs. At the beginning of each grid each player starts with 300 units of energy. This decreases with each move but there are fuel pods littered around the grid so that energy can be replenished. Each player can also release radioactive walls to gain bonus - but this eats up energy and, of course, if you run out of energy you will be vapourised.

Each grid has a time limit and if both players are alive at the end of the time limit they will go onto a harder grid. If they are still alive at the end of five grids they will go onto the Death Grid to battle it out to the end. In this grid, each player will get 100 units of energy on top of the bonus earned in the previous grids. The radioactive tail is released automatically and continuously so that battle is unlikely to last for more than a few seconds.

The game can be played with keyboard as well as joysticks - ANH01 type is suitable.

Type in the first program then Save it under a name other than Main. Then type in the second program and Save this under the name Main. If you have the disc system, simply type it in but do not run it. Save before running. When you want to play the game, run the first program and this will reset PAGE and allow the program to run but do not press Break as this will corrupt the program and OLD will not bring the program back. Also with the disc system you must make the following adjustments:

110 *KEY 0 PAGE=&1100|MCHAIN"MAIN"|M
120 *FX138,0,128

As I said earlier, this program will not work with OS before 1.2 but it is possible to convert the program to run on OS 0.1 if you put a lot of effort into it. Anyway the OS 1.2 is not readily available in shops so there is no excuse for hanging on to your bug-filled OS 0.1

If you want to play the game but do not want to type in such a long program send a postal order or a cheque made payable to Shingo Sugiura for 3 to 42 Landford Road, Putney, London SW15 1AG.

The game consists of two programs. The first program sets up the envelopes and defines the characters and prints the instructions. The second program is the game itself.

Program Notes

Line 10 Selects mode 1 and asks players if they want joystick control of keyboard control
Line 20 Calls procedure to assemble short machine code routine
Line 30 Let grid equal 1
Line 60 Calls procedure to initialise variables
Line 70 Calls procedure to print the grid
Line 80 Sound at start of each grid
Line 90 Reset time
Lines 100 to 230 Main program
Lines 250 to 340 Procedure to initialise variables
Lines 360 to 410 Checks keys for yellow cycle
Lines 430 to 490 Checks joystick1
Lines 510 to 560 Checks keys for red cycle
Lines 580 to 640 Checks joystick2
Lines 660 to 870 Sets up the screen
Lines 820 to 870 Prints an appropriate number of pulses
Lines 890 to 970 Prints out the yellow cycle and also decides whether the tail should be printed
Lines 990 to 1070 Prints the red cycle and also the tail if it should be
Lines 1090 to 1140 Checks the next position of the yellow cycle
Lines 1160 to 1210 Checks the next position of the red cycle
Lines 1230 to 1300 The procedure called at the end of each grid
Lines 1320 to 1340 Explosion
Lines 1360 to 1460 Prints out the winner
Lines 1480 to 1580 Main routine for the death grid
Lines 1600 to 1690 Prepares players for the death grid
Lines 1710 to 1760 Sets up variables necessary for the death grid
Lines 1780 to 1850 Sets up the screen
Lines 1870 to 1960 Prints out the yellow cycle
Lines 1980 to 2070 Prints out the red cycle
Lines 2090 to 2110 Death routine for the death grid
Lines 2120 to 2290 Procedure to ask players if they would like joystick control or keyboard control
Lines 2310 to 2380 Assemble a short machine code routine to find the character at the present cursor position.