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Written By C. Stops

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BERTIE for the BBC Micro/Acorn Electron

Bertie is a machine code game for the 32K BBC computer. It is a totally original game, featuring a spider called Bertie.

Bertie must eat the flies in the pipes to avoid staving. The amount of food energy inside him is shown in the bottom lines of the display. Every so often, one of the valves will open and the pipes will flood.

If Bertie is touched by the water, he will drown. He is more likely to be drowned if the middle valve opens, but there is a largish bias against this one opening. I did update the game to include rats in the pipes - but the game was on the sluggish side.

This was because I used the OS calls for printing. I discovered a few days ago that Acorn does not use them in its own software; no doubt because its software would not run fast enough if it did.

Game Controls

O - Left, P - Right, A - Up, Z - Down