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Written By Keith Miles

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Bomb Squad

Keith Miles, Ely, Cambridgeshire

The aim of the game is to defuse the activated bombs whilst avoiding the pursuing boots. Unactivated bombs will explode if touched. Points are scored for defusing bombs, securing the yellow flags and luring the pursuing boots onto defused bombs - which will destroy them. Penalty points are deducted for going onto the blue squares.

The game consists of successive sets of four levels. During each of these phases the number of bombs, flags and boots doubles. At the start of the next phase the speed of the boots and the countdown of the bombs increases, as do the penalties.

The game consists of a series of linked named procedures - subroutines - whose function is self-explanatory: Characters, Init, Titles, Board, Bomb, Boot, Flag, Trigger, Man, Boot, Bomb, Defuse, Dead, Explode and Hiscore. The program is controlled by the loop at line 230 to 250, i.e.

250 UNTIL --

Movement is achieved by use of PRINT TAB as a VDU command (VDU31) and contact by the Point command to detect colour.

The game runs in Mode 2 to take advantage of the greater number of colours but, for the minority of BBC Micro owners with a Model A, could easily be converted to run in Mode 5.