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Written By Brian Lewis

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Charlie Chan Visits The Wok Factory

Brian Lewis with an oriental orgy of violence on the BBC

Imagine the situation. There you are with your hot steaming rice in lotus leaf ready to tuck into your favourite meal of the day - when you realise that there are no woks to cook your repas in. And, what's more, number one son is nowhere in sight - so it looks like you'll have to get those woks yourself.

Untold Nasties Lurking

The only way you can get a wok at such short notice is to go to the old wok factory once owned by Mr. Woo. However, this not as easy as it seems because there are untold nasties lurking in the shadows of each of the factory's rooms. In all, there are 15 screens and 15 woks to collect, but if you find any screen too hand simply press the Return key and you will go onto the next screen. Of course, you will gain no points for your efforts if you do this.

There are five different nasties - listed in the instructions - all of which are animated and all of which you have to avoid because the slightest touch can kill, and you can also die from falling too far.

Each of the listings should be typed in and checked and then saved one after the other on the same tape, but make sure you have a copy of listings 2 and 3 before you run them as they contain machine code and a mistake could cause a bad program ruining all your hard work typing in the game. If the listings appear quite long remember that the game has to store data for 15 screens which, even after massive compressing, is still quite lengthy.

As with all such games the controls are a simple left, right and jump type which may take a small amount of time to get used to because the longer a directional key is pressed the farther the jump goes in the appointed direction. This technique must be mastered to clear certain sheets.

If BBC users wish to type in and play Charlie Chan Visits The Wok Factory they merely have to increase the values of the X and Y registers in line 320 of the second listing, their exact value will have to be found through experiment. I would like to apologise here and now for the sequence that occurs after all the lives are lost.