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Written By B. Pearce

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B. Pearce, Bath, Avon

This program has been written for the BBC Model A Micro and uses almost all the available memory. Although it uses procedures which are, I believe, peculiar to the BBC Micro, there is no reason why it should not be adapted for Basic on other micros.

The game is for two players. There are two horizontal blocks representing a plain and a plateau, separated by mountains. The form of the mountains and the height of the plateau are both random, and the plateau may be right or left of the screen. Sited at a random position on the plain is a gun position, and another on the plateau. At the top of the screen, a cross wind is specified, random left or right, random strength five to 40mph in steps of 5mph.

Player to start is specified, random left or right. The player is required to enter the gun elevation angle, which will be any angle between 1-90 degrees, followed by muzzle velocity - any number from 1 to 20. On the second Return his gun fires a shell along the correct trajectory taking account of the effect of the wind. Each player fires in turn until one hits the other's gun, whereby there is a flash and a bang. During the exchange, previous elevation and velocity settings are listed at each side of the screen for reference.